Field Recording

Field recording is the process of capturing environmental sounds for use in music, film, television, or other audio productions. This can be done either by using a portable recorder or by placing microphones in specific locations to capture the desired sound.



PMSFX Releases RAIN DESIGNER RAIN DESIGNER is all about rain. It’s a library like no other and here’s why:PMSFX’s RAIN DESIGNER allows you to design high quality, dynamic rain sfx/ambiances that won’t end up sounding like a wall of noise.  It gives you full control over the sound – control wetness, drippiness, background noisiness, proximity,…

Themed Live Packs Sound Libraries and Universal Instruments by Detunized

Detunized Winter Sale

Detunized Winter Sale, 50% off Everything Detunized has launched a Winter Sale, until the end of the year 2019 you can save 50% on everything. This includes Sound Libraries in both light and full versions, Live Packs, Refills, MiniLibs, and Bundles. To save 50% while the sale last, just apply the code winter19 at checkout.

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ESOTERIC METAL – Haunting Drones & Bombastic Sonorous Hits

ESOTERIC METAL Released by TONSTURM From haunting drones to bombastic deep hits, TONSTURM’s largest sound pack Esoteric Metal is a love declaration to crafted metal performed in beautiful sounding environments. Esoteric Metal allows you to produce rich and compelling evolving metaltextures, stingers and mighty deep impacts for your next sound design project. TONSTURM recorded Gongs, Cymbals, Metal Profiles, Sound Bowls,…

HISSandaROAR Releases new Field Recording AMB017 GEO Ambience Library

HISSandaROAR Releases new Field Recording: AMB017 GEO Ambiance Library

AMB017 GEO Ambiance Library by HISSandaROAR Tim Prebble who runs HISSandaROAR just released a GEO Ambience Library Tim Prebble and the team started recording this ambiance library back in 2010 and each time HISSandaROAR visited New Zealand’s active geothermal area they would research and record new locations. HISSandaROAR’s first aim was to capture sulfurous mud…

SD041 TORTURED STRINGS hissandaroar 13


TORTURED STRINGS HISSandaROAR aim with SD041 TORTURED STRINGS was to rethink stringed musical instruments as though they are elaborate sound effects generators. By using experimental and non-musical techniques and articulations HISSandaROAR has managed to create and record sounds that you will not find in any other library. Some are nasty, harsh sounds that really bite, while others manipulate…

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PMSFX releases WINDY HILL – Exterior Wind Ambiances

WINDY HILL – a Collection of Exterior Wind Ambiances WINDY HILL is a collection of high-quality exterior wind ambiances.The library consists of wind gusts through branches, shrub, dry grass, coniferous trees and more.


Hospital Ambiance – Ambiance Recordings from an Old Hospital

Hospital Ambiance Recorded at Aarhus County Hospital in Aarhus Hzandbits Sound Effects recorded Hospital Ambiance in the rooms and corridors of the old Aarhus County Hospital in Aarhus, Denmark. A notable characteristic is the lack of acoustical treatment in corridors and hallways, giving a rather hard and reverberant sound, which is typical of Danish public…

All the Roads Limited Edition Cassette

All the Roads by Larum – Micah Frank & Chet Doxas

All the Roads Released All the Roads by Larum – Micah Frank & Chet Doxas is now available as a digital download or Limited Edition Cassette. The word larum means, “sound of warning or danger; a commotion”. You probably don’t know it. An early, archaic form of the word “alarm“ it becomes more recognizable, doesn’t…

Vintage Tram Sounds of A Squeaky Rumbling Railcar

Vintage Tram – Sounds of A Squeaky Rumbling Railcar

Vintage Tram A Squeaky Rumbling Railcar Stephan Marche, Dresden, Germany CEO of Detunized recorded the sound of a fully working light railVintage Tram. The 2-axle railcars were built from 1957 until 1967 with reference to concepts from the 1930s. The recorded tram drives along an 8-kilometer track through a small valley that is surrounded by reverberant…