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MACABRE BUNDLE by SampleTraxx 9 Horror SoundPacks 2200 Horror Sound Effects

MACABRE BUNDLE by SampleTraxx: 9 Horror SoundPacks – 2200+ Horror Sound Effects

A well-done horror film is designed to get your heart racing and keep you on the edge of your seat. Part of what makes these movies so suspenseful is the way that they use sound to create an anxious atmosphere. The score might feature a low, persistent hum that sets your teeth on edge, while…

How Much Should I Charge for Film Score?

How Much Should I Charge for Film Score?

How Much to Charge for Film Score? As a film composer, one of the most important questions you’ll need to answer is how much to charge for your work. There are a few factors to consider when setting your fee, including the length of the score, the complexity of the music, and the budget of…

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Give Your Full Sustained Attention: The Value of a Creative Practice

Creativity is a skill that can be learned, but it takes time and dedication to develop. A creative practice is an important factor in developing creativity. One way to start this creative practice is by giving your full sustained attention to each task or project you are working on. You might be surprised how often…

The Secret of Writing Great Trailers with AI design

The Secret of Writing Great Trailers (with AI)

Music Ai Writes Tracks to Match Your Trailer How many times have you watched a trailer with the perfect song playing in the background? We all know that music is an important part of any film or video, and it can make or break how well your project does. If you’re looking for someone to…

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Behind the Music: Composing a Film Score & Trailer

Composing a Film Score & Trailer Have you ever watched a film and wondered how the composer created the film score or the next Trailer Music? Have you ever wanted to know what it takes to compose an entire film score for a film? If so, this post is for you. This blog post will…

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How To Find Paid Jobs In The Film Industry

In this article, we will discuss the best-paid jobs in the film industry that can be pursued as a career, including average salaries and main responsibilities for each role. The salary information is based on data collected and published from a variety of sources, including Careers in Film, PayScale, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and…

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Writing Music More Efficiently | The Red Line

Writing Music More Efficiently In this video, let’s talk about the concept of writing music more efficiently. Not that I invented this term but I call it The Red Line.

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If you are a music composer don’t do this!

Tricks for any Composer There is something we have to talk about and if you are a music composer don’t do this! Just a little motivational video and I hope I can encourage, motivate and inspire you.

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SampleTraxx Horror Bundle – 83% OFF

SampleTraxx Horror Bundle The latest SampleTraxx Bundle on sale is all ready for Halloween and horror sounds needs. The SampleTraxx Horror Bundle features Sampletraxx Horror Bundle containing 3 of their finest sample libraries: Clockworks, Rituals, and Antisystem. This bundle is perfect for horror, sci-fi, and any other tension-filled cinematic music composition. For just $49.99 (instead…

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Dystopian Guitars an Enormous Hybrid Guitar Workshop for Film Scoring

Dystopian Guitars PulseSetter-Sounds sets the tone to stun with cool KONTAKT-hosted huge hybrid guitar factory for film scoring DYSTOPIAN GUITARS issued a unique kind of Kontakt library totaling 21.32 GB of highly-creative content designed to cover all modern hybrid guitar grounds for film scoring. DYSTOPIAN GUITARS achieves an extensive variety of sounds, from clear and…

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How to Write Film Music in Ableton Live

How to Write Film Music I normally write film music in either Logic or REAPER, but the feature I just finished scoring was written completely in Ableton Live. In this video, I go over everything you need to know about how to write film cues in Ableton Live: how to import video, how to sync…

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Orchestral Tools’ Modus: Walkthrough Video

Walkthrough Video Hear the various instruments and sections and discover the tensions, transitions, continuums, and colors within Modus. Modus offers a toolset that will inspire new ideas, and help you implement them quickly.

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Building Your Personal Brand And Passive Income As An Audio Artist In 2020

Building Your Personal Brand And Passive Income As An Audio Artist In 2020 Live chat from March 2020 about building a personal brand as an audio artist, promoting yourself the right away on social networks and generating passive income.

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Scoring Tools Masterclass – Easter Special Discount

The comprehensive course of realistic midi orchestration(Affiliate Link) is available for a limited time at an extra $150 off. Your future instructor Leandro Gardini has been composing, orchestrating and arranging for the music industry for the last fifteen years. Leandro has been one of the finalists of the Marvin Film Scoring Contest for Emerging Composers…

Rhythmology by Sample Logic

RHYTHMOLOGY (Affiliate Link) by Sample Logic is an innovative, dynamic rhythmic sequencing loop engine fed by the high value samples loops that are included. RHYTHMOLOGY fits all styles of music production and scoring. The provided content helps you in your scoring of cinematic, Pop, electronic, Funk, rock, Experimental, organic, world, and many more tracks. You…

Dan Dean Signature Bass Collection

Dan Dean Signature Bass Collection Dan Dean Signature Bass Collection is an unique collection of 5 different bass guitar libraries, each with its own and different sound. Available for a short period of time in Jan 2017 here: (affiliate link) Dan Dean is a multitalented artist, achieving national and international recognition as a bassist, producer,…

RED PLANET and GRAVITAS Piano from Audio Imperia

RED PLANET and GRAVITAS Piano from Audio Imperia have been released under their KLAVIER brand. “Klavier” – Sound Design Pianos: KLAVIER – RED PLANET PIANO KLAVIER – GRAVITAS PIANO   Klavier from Audio Imperia comes in two versions: Gravitas Piano and Red Planet. Both Klavier editions combine a piano with an additional sound. Red Planet…