Squeaky Gate Beautiful Sound Design from Bizarre Sources by FrozenPlain cover image

Squeaky Gate – Beautiful Sound Design from Bizarre Sources by FrozenPlain

Clean-tone squeaky gate sound design FrozenPlain released Squeaky Gate. Ever opened a squeaky metal gate and thought, “I want to use that sound in my music”? Well, now you can! Various metal gate squeaks were recorded, cleaned, and processed to make this genuinely useful sound-design sample library. Each sample is available as an ‘instrument’ inside…

Scenic Vibrations by FrozenPlain

Scenic Vibrations by FrozenPlain

Picturesque Tonal Resonations Synth FrozenPlain release VST/AU synth Scenic Vibrations for tension, atmosphere and horror sound design. Alive with evolving kinetic energy, Scenic Vibrations has a unique sound that is perfect for cinematic and atmospheric sound design. Create tension for drama, the ambiance in an emotional passage, and even evoke dread in a horror setting….

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Obelisk 1.1.5 – Updated MIDI Harmoniser Plugin

Obelisk 1.1.5 – Updated MIDI Harmoniser Plugin A new version of Obelisk was released. This minor update fixes a few bugs – making Obelisk nicer to use. Obelisk is a MIDI plugin instrument. Rather than produce audio, it produces MIDI. Obelisk is used to harmonize the MIDI given to it. As well as this, Obelisk…

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Obelisk MIDI Harmonizer Plugin 40% off – Black Friday sale

Obelisk MIDI Harmonizer now only $15 – Black Friday sale Obelisk harmonizes MIDI input and outputs it to any synth of your choosing. It’s an ideal tool for experimenting with new harmonies and chords. Chords can be constructed from scratch, and then optionally constrained to a key and scale – so it will sound good…

Wraith – Dark Cinematic Ambient Synthesiser

Dark Ambient And Cinematic Synthesiser Frozenplain released Wraith, currently, it is released for Windows only. MAC version is incoming (fingers crossed). Wraith Key Features Over 80 presets that are ready to use for production Wraith is playable, it’s more than just samples – it can be controlled with MIDI CC, velocity and the sustain pedal….


Slow by Frozenplain Review

Slow by Frozenplain Review In this article, we’ll be taking a look at a highly useful cinematic ambient tool for the full version of Kontakt. There are many, many ambient libraries, plugins and synth presets on the market, so it’s easy to get lost in the ocean of content that’s available – but here I’ll…


Colourform by Frozenplain Review

Colourform by Frozenplain Review In this quick review, we’ll talk about yet another useful experimental/ambient library from Frozenplain – Colourform. Frozenplain offers a good selection of experimental and cinematic libraries such as Arctic Strings and Slow, and they’re all affordable and expertly scripted for Kontakt with creative GUIs and handy customizable settings. Colourform offers a…


Arctic Strings by Frozenplain Review

Arctic Strings by Frozenplain Review In this article, we’ll be having a quick look at an affordable organic pad library that’s great for beds, slow melodies or hybrid scoring – Arctic Strings by Frozenplain. Frozenplain is an independent sample provider that specializes in ethereal and reasonably priced libraries for cinematic and experimental scoring, with examples…