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Goodhertz 5th Anniversary Sale — 35% off all Plugins

Goodhertz 5th Anniversary Sale 2019  Goodhertz has been releasing plugins for 5 years. They are taking 35% off the sticker price of all Goodhertz plugins all this week — it’s Goodhertz’s biggest sale ever!

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Goodhertz – Ghz 3.5.0 — Dark Mode, CanOpener upgrades, and more

Goodhertz updates Plugins to Version 3.5.0 Goodhertz has been working hard to enhance their plugins! From brand-new audio features in CanOpener, Vulf Compressor, and Wow Control, to brand-new visual features across the entire suite, Goodhertz has been optimizing and updating. To download version 3.5 immediately, go to Goodhertz downloads page. And here’s a breakdown of…

Faraday Limiter

Faraday Limiter by Goodhertz Review

Goodhertz offers many plugins that are special because of the vibe and color they add. Faraday Limiter is a limiter, but it comes with that new colorful dynamics with warm, tape-like saturation for your production. Learn more about this limiter in our Faraday Limiter Review on how you can use this new tool in your mix and…

Vulf Compressor 2

Vulf Compressor by Goodhertz Review

Vulf Compressor by Goodhertz Review Vulf is an energetic compressor with tonal choices to add the mojo vibe and dirty your mix in the direction of lofi and includes some wow inspired timbres. Yes, you can even buy a t-Shirt. Goodhertz did send a review copy with no strings attached – no t-shirt was included. Installation…

Wow Control 4

WOW Control by Goodhertz Review

WOW Control by Goodhertz Review If you are old enough you remember the sound and imperfections of analog tape. Now as everything is clean and digital there are many musical genres like lofi that need the desired sound of flaw. Goodhertz effect plugins are surpassing tools and gadgets, some of them with phenomenal soaking. Welcome to…