Granular Effect

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Qu-Bit Nebulae V2 | First Patch

Qu-Bit Nebulae V2 NOTE: This is a first patch video and there’s a lot to figure out by trial on error because the manual doesn’t provide a typical workflow for certain scenarios. So I will definitely revisit this module and try to help you understand it. There are many granular solutions for Eurorack, where Arbhar,…



Puremagnetik’s GRANULAR SUITE Granular Suite brings together 5 of Puremagnetik’s granular processing and resynthesis devices. Disintegrate, warp, meld and bend your audio with this powerful set of sound experimentation tools. Zerone | Audio Particle Splitter. Zerone is an audio particle splitter that uses granular processes to dissect sound. It has two branches of granular processors that can…

GRAINS a Granular Oscillator Multi Purpose Module for AE Modular large

GRAINS by AE Modular Second Official Release

This is the second release of the community firmware for the GRAINS module of the AE Modular system from tangible waves. Mathias has added numerous additional firmware modules which you should definitely try out for yourself. You can either download each zip file individually or download the release zip file which contains the whole lot….

GrainSpace updated to v2.1 35

GrainSpace updated to v2.1 & 35% Sale

GrainSpace updated to v2.1 – 35% OFF GrainSpace has been updated to v2.1 fixing some bugs and featuring our new framework, VST3 plugin format and much more. To update check the user area for the latest version. From this version on, GrainSpace is 64bit only. GrainSpace is a granular processor focused on real-time granularization and reverberation…

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Granular Beats in Reason 11

Granular Beats in Reason 11 Paul Ortiz reveals how you can create your own custom drum machine using a Combinator and Grain.

2hp Grain a compact Granular Synthesis Eurorack Module

2hp Grain a compact Granular Synthesis Eurorack Module

2hp Grain for Granular Synthesis 2hp Grain is a high fidelity audio processor focused on granular synthesis. Particle patching has never been smaller. 2hp latest module Grain is now available! A high fidelity audio processor focused on granular synthesis. It’s able to create granular clouds, microsound phrases, and novel textures that are obtained from any…

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SpaceCraft Granular Synth 1.0.33 Beta Version Available

The new SpaceCraft Granular Synth version 1.0.33 beta is now available. New in this version Added new LFO types: reverse saw, pulse random and smooth random Added stereo phase slider (make mono samples stereo and makes stereo samples sound more stereo!) Preset backward compatibility (now fully compatible with older format presets for all sliders) Fixed…

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Microcell: a Compact Version of Supercell … and Clouds

microcell is a compact 14hp version of Supercell that retains all features of the original (except for the attenuators). In case you missed it, Supercell is an expanded version of Clouds, building on the open-source foundations of the classic (but now discontinued) granular synthesis module from Mutable Instruments. See also our Mutable Instruments Clouds Review…

Mutable Instruments Clouds

Mutable Instruments Clouds Review – Master of Granular Texture Effects

Mutable Instruments Clouds Review One of the most anticipated new Eurorack module releases in 2019 is “Clouds 2”. In today’s review, we are looking at the popular Clouds module developed by Mutable Instruments. The module Clouds is a granular audio effect unit unmatched in the market.  Granular audio effects are becoming increasingly popular in the world…

Litote UI

Litote Review – a Granular Exploration Box by Inear Display

Litote review a granular exploration box by Inear Display. Litote by Inear Display is a granular audio effects plugin. In the family of granular effect plugins, Litote is one of a very special kind. Inear Display did send a review copy with no strings attached. If you are into Eurorack you know a leading Granular Eurorack…