Halion 6

Review of Cinematique Instruments Pandrum A Fantastic Handpan Instrument

Review of Cinematique Instruments’ Pandrum: A Fantastic Handpan Instrument

The Cinematique Instruments team has outdone themselves with their latest release, the Pandrum handpan instrument. This virtual instrument is an exceptional reproduction of a real handpan, and offers the ability to extremely extend and vary the entire sound by applying numerous features. There are versions for the Kontakt 5.68 full version as well as free…

teinberg Materials Metal Ice UI 1

Review of Metal and Ice the New Magnetic 96 and Steinberg Designed Materials Soundset

In the world of music production, people are always looking for new sounds. In a recent announcement, Magnetic 96 through Steinberg has released a sound source called Metal and Ice. The potential for creativity and high-end sound is just waiting to be unleashed on your next production. Unleash the power of metal and ice with…

Sample Fuel Launches PAD MOTION LAYERS4

Sample Fuel Launches Pad Motion Layers

Pad Motion Layers PAD MOTION LAYERS is a branch product of Sample Fuel’s flagship instrument PAD MOTION. Pad Motion Layers utilizes 4 layers of sample synthesis delivering it one of the most unique and capable sample library instruments.  The patches are impressive but simple enough to let you compose with them rather than being limited to the point…

Touch The Universe Group Buy 1

Touch The Universe Group Buy

Touch The Universe Group Buy Touch The Universe is running a group buy, where you can contribute your share and receive a set of libraries in a bundle. You will receive all 32 Touch The Universe soundsets for a bid of $50. Any bid below this amount you are taking a chance that Touch The…

Sample Fuel Releases Pad Motion 3.0 a FREE UPDATE 1

Sample Fuel Releases Pad Motion 3.0 a FREE UPDATE

Sample Fuel Releases Pad Motion 3.0 a FREE UPDATE  SAMPLE FUEL announced Pad Motion 3.0 a FREE Update to its most unique and versatile sample library software instrument available immediately.  This is a completely FREE update that includes improvements to the GUI, New User Envelope Presets, over 220 new sampled sources and over 1740 presets now…

BALTIC SHIMMERS Organic Pads and Drones

BALTIC SHIMMERS – Organic Pads and Drones

BALTIC SHIMMERS – Organic Pads and Drones Sonic Atoms released BALTIC SHIMMERS an amazingly moving compilation of ambient sounds. Baltic Shimmers is an instrument with very distinctive timbre. It was sparked by the sea itself which you can immediately hear while playing its “Shimmer” type of sounds. They can be the almost static-like calm sea….

Free Novel Piano by Sonic Atoms

Free Novel Piano by Sonic Atoms

Free Novel Piano by Sonic Atoms The free Halion library Novel Piano by Sonic Atoms is a beautiful and warm sounding upright piano. Every note sounds different and has its own character which gives very natural and organic results. Get is for free here. It has its unique sonic quality which fits perfectly into calm and…


Flash B-Day Sale from Touch The Universe (Up to 70% Off Soundsets)

Touch The Universe is offering up to 70% off their soundsets for the next few hours as part of a birthday celebration: Rapid (214 Presets): $5 Geodesic Frequencies for Rapid 128 Presets – 100 MB): $10 Celestial Spheres for HALion/Sonic 3/SE (438 Presets – 3.55 GB): $17 Serene Horizon for Diversion (280 Presets): $1 Serene Skies…


REVOLUTION-CRE8 2.0 by SAMPLE FUEL – Free Update to Version 2

SAMPLE FUEL released REVOLUTION-CRE8 2.0 a FREE Update to their Dual Layer Reversing Sample Engine instrument. REVOLUTION-CRE8 2.0 is a FREE update that includes a New Large redesigned GUI, New User Envelope “LFO” Shaped Presets, and over 540 presets now included. REVOLUTION-CRE8 2.0 is available for immediate download here. We reviewed REVOLUTION a Reverse Instrument…

Vibrant E Piano Suite by e instruments

Vibrant E-Piano Suite by e-instruments

Vibrant is an authentic instrument for HALion 6, HALion Sonic 3 and the free HALion Sonic SE 3 which brings the legendary Rhodes Stage Mark I, Rhodes Suitcase, Wurlitzer 200 A and Hohner Clavinet D6 electric pianos together in one beautifully-sampled package.  With 24 GB of samples and 40 presets for different genres, you can…