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How to use Modular Utilities – Mixing, Attenuating, Inverting, Offset

Using Modular Utilities Today we’re having a look at the Happy Nerding 3X MIA, and it’s functions: Mixing, attenuating, inverting and offset generation. In a beginner friendly way Ill quickly explain how the 3X MIA works, and then we’ll go over each of these four functions in more detail with some patch-tricks along the way….

Eurorack Live Patch Explained – Drums and Samples

Eurorack Live Patch Explained – Drums and Samples Hey there! This is the second video of a three-part series explaining the patch on my eurorack modular synth for live performances. This time we’ll have a look at the parts of the patch responsible for drums and sample playback. Next week we go over how I…


Happy Nerding announces FX AID

FX AID is the latest module by Happy Nerding. FX AID includes 32 unique audio effects organized in 4 banks of 8 effects. Three effect controls plus analog Dry/Wet control with dedicated CV input. High-quality stereo signal pass. Assignable CV input to effect controls or to Sample Rate reducer (changes the internal clock). Four users…

2xSAM Dual Stereo Attenuator Mixer by Happy Nerding

2xSAM Dual Stereo Attenuator-Mixer by Happy Nerding

Happy Nerding released 2xSAM is Dual Stereo Attenuator-Mixer. The 2xSAM is available in Silver and Black. Separate stereo outputs for attenuator duties Stereo mixer output Optional 5x gain for each input to raise line levels to modular amplitude (jumpers on the backside) Clean (low noise and distortion) performance Right inputs are normalled to Left inputs…