Habit by Chase Bliss A Happy Accident Machine

Habit by Chase Bliss: A Happy Accident Machine

In this video, I check out the new Habit pedal by Chase Bliss. It’s an experimental delay pedal that allows you to randomly re-introduce audio from the last three minutes into your current music.

I made music with a bicycle wheel

I made music with a bicycle wheel

In this video, I combine a children’s science kit with a bicycle wheel, resulting in a makeshift music sequencer.

Donner B1 A 303 Style Analog Synth for 152

Donner B1: A 303-Style Analog Synth

I checked out the brand new Donner B1 Bass Synthesizer: Donner B1 analog bass synthesizer has made unprecedented innovation in the operation interface, provide simpler and more intuitive interface for all music lovers

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Revolutionary RØDECaster Pro II Audio Production Studio: Integrated for Streamers, Podcasters and Musicians

Do you create content? If so, then you need the RØDECaster Pro II audio production studio. This revolutionary piece of equipment will allow you to easily record incredible-sounding audio. With ultra-low-noise preamps and four combo inputs, the RØDECaster Pro II is perfect for streamers, podcasters, and musicians alike. The street price in the USA is…

MiniLab Mk II Portable Powerful Controller Keyboard Ideal for Musicians on the Move and Studios with Limited Space minilab mkII 01

MiniLab Mk II – Portable, Powerful Controller Keyboard: Ideal for Musicians on the Move and Studios with Limited Space

MiniLab Mk II – Do you need a portable, powerful keyboard controller that doesn’t take up too much space? Look no further than the MiniLab MkII! This amazing little keyboard has everything you need to create great music, including pitch, modulation, and velocity controls. It also features perfect integration with popular music software programs like…

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The DYSMETRIA DIY Kit: A Desktop and Eurorack Format Analog Groove Synthesizer

The DYSMETRIA DIY kit is a desktop and Eurorack format analog groove synthesizer. It’s a full voice analog modular groove synthesizer that can be used as a Desktop or Eurorack synthesizer. It comes along with a dedicated USB to Eurorack power converter, so you can use it in both formats without any problems! The DYSMETRIA…

UNO Synth Pro Black Edition The Foundation of Any Great Synth Collection

UNO Synth Pro Black Edition: The Foundation of Any Great Synth Collection

You know that one synth in your collection that you just can’t live without? The one that you always turn to for those classic sounds? The UNO Synth Pro Black Edition is that synth. With its true analog sound, incredible flexibility, and inspiring workflow, the UNO Synth Pro Black Edition has become the foundation of…

Polyend Play Sample and MIDI based Groovebox A Fun Inspiring Workflow for Musicians play front2

Polyend Play – Sample and MIDI-Based Groovebox

Polyend Play is a new music-making device that is sure to excite and inspire musicians of all levels of experience. With its unique pattern-based approach, Play allows users to create and interact with musical patterns in a number of innovative ways. Plus, regular free software updates will make it even better in the future. If…

What You Need to Know About Reverb for Guitar

What You Need to Know About Reverb for Guitar

What You Need to Know About Reverb for Guitar Your favorite band is playing your favorite song, and you’re really getting into it. You start air-guitaring along and then…BAM! You hit a wrong note and everyone stares. You quickly realize that you’re not quite as good at guitar as you thought. Maybe it’s time to…

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Tascam X8 vs Zoom H1n…Which Sounds Better?

$500 vs $100! We asked if you wanted us to make a video comparison between Zoom H1n and the Tascam X8. You said we should, and we deliver… Zoom H1n Tascam X8 The Zoom H1n Portable Recorder is your all-in-one recording solution. With onboard stereo microphones, a camera-mountable design, and the ability to record to…