Instruō Modular

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Harmonaig Poly | with 3 Plaits & Arbhar

Harmonaig Poly After building a mono patch with the Harmonaig and Strega, it’s now time to have some fun with three Plaits and the 1v/oct input of Arbhar. Music theory is very valuable when you need to compose something, but with Harmonaig, you can easily get away with not knowing any of it. I used…

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Harmonaig Solo with Strega

Harmonaig Solo | with Strega The Instruo Harmonaig (harmony) is designed to drive four voices into all kinds of chords and progressions. In this video I am using the Harmonaig to control Strega’s pitch and delay speed into some amazing new sounds. So when you spend some time with the Witch, don’t forget to mult…

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Reel Life | Instruo Lubadh Part 02 | Grand Theft Audio

Instruo Lubadh – Grand Theft Audio With the Expert Sleepers ES-8 as an audio interface, I can basically grab and rip any audio on my PC so there’s a huge potential for samplers, granulators and loopers. But there’s also the risk of getting a copyright claim when you record/sample something that’s owned by a big…

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Arbhar Harvesting | Part 03 | A Shared Guest

Arbhar Harvesting In this episode I am going to ‘harvest’ six improvised patches from the MakeNoise Shared System and turn the Arbhar in a polyphonic West Coast orchestra. I guess you can consider this as a ‘Shared Guest’ part 03 too so I’ll add them to both playlists.

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Grains | Instruo #Arbhar

Grains | Instruo #Arbhar I am so happy my eurocrack dealer stashed an Arbhar for regular customers. I’ve been waiting for over six months to get one. There are a few excellent videos on YT that do a deep dive. I can’t do that right now, because I haven’t finished the manual yet. I started…

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Sonic Adventures | 0-coast, Arbhar, Mimeophon, ZVERB, Phonogenes

Sonic Adventures | 0-coast, Arbhar, Mimeophon, ZVERB, Phonogenes This one features a 0-coast ‘patch from scratch’ and some sound design for games & movies. I’ll use modern modules like Arbhar and Mimeophon to layer the sound of 0-coast, but a simple drone from 0-coast can be seriously enhanced with the affordable ZVERB and two old…

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Instruo Lion – Matrix Mixing

Instruo Lion – Matrix Mixing In this patch, I’ll demo one (1) advanced routing scenario where I have a stereo source (two Phonogenes), two FX units with mono inputs, and stereo out. I wanted to preserve the stereo source and ‘send/return’ both channels to different effects. Normally you’d need a clever mixer with send/returns (like…

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Instruō – Saïch Quad Oscillator

Instruō – Saïch Overview Instruo located in Glasgow, Scotland has launched another eurorack module. The Instruō saïch is a quad oscillator with super-saw functionality and built-in “smart” VCA mixing. At its core are four fully analog sawtooth waveforms that can be intervallic offset, individually and globally detuned, transformed and transposed, and mixed together in creative…

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Reel Life – Instruo #Lubadh | Part 01 | Tape Degradation

Reel Life – Instruo #Lubadh When I first saw Lubadh on paper it reminded me of the Morphagene a bit, but after seeing a demo from designer Jason Lim (2 hours!) I just knew it was something completely different – and a perfect match for the music I love most. In Part 01 I’ll start…

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Arbhar, Morphagene, BitBox 3.0, Clouds, and Phonogene – Granular Synthesis Showdown

GrainStation | Granular Synthesis Showdown Granular Synthesis is an excellent way to travel the tiny little gems that are covered inside and connecting sound. A ‘grain’ is a really small piece of a sound source, that can be stretched, pitched, reversed, and triggered. A ‘spray’ is a certain number of grains playing at once at…