Plg and IoS App Nembrini Audio Chromatic Tuner Plugin – FREE accurate tuner tool with a big bright LED display scaled

Nembrini Audio Chromatic Tuner Plugin – FREE Accurate Tuner Tool with a Big, Bright LED Display

Looking for the perfect tuning tool? Look no further than the Nembrini Audio Chromatic Tuner! With a big, bright LED display, this tuner is perfect for use anytime, anywhere. And with the iOS version for iPhone/iPad, you can take it with you wherever you go. The Nembrini Audio Tuner also features calibration to any pitch…

Magic Dice and Magic Switch

Magic Switch and Magic Dice by Baby Audio: Free AUv3 Plugins for iOS / iPadOS

iOS / iPadOS users rejoice! Baby Audio has just released their two popular free plugins, Magic Switch and Magic Dice, as AUv3 plugins. This means that they can now be used with all AUv3-compatible DAWs on iOS and iPadOS devices. These handy little plugins are perfect for anyone who wants to add a bit of…

ikc L sampletron2ipad 1 360

IK Multimedia Releases SampleTron 2 for iPad

SampleTron 2 for iPad The counterpart for iPad of IK’s complete collection of vintage tape-based sampling instruments and industry-leading tape-modeling technology IK Multimedia releases SampleTron 2 for iPad, combining the powerful sound engine of award-winning SampleTank with IK’s industry-leading tape modeling technology to recreate the distinctive, ultra-vibey sounds of tape-based samplers from the ’60s and ’70s,…

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How to use Decent Sampler on iOS

Decent Sampler on iOS Did you ever wish you could use professional quality sample libraries on your mobile device? Now you can! The Decent Samples plugin is a sample player that allows you to use your favorite Decent Samples sample libraries on the go. Many of the most popular Decent Samples releases are available through…

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discoDSP iOS Halloween Sale

Halloween Sale discoDSP iOS synths and bundle almost 40% off until November 2. OB-Xd Oberheim VA synth was $7.99 now $3.99, OPL FM synth was $7.99 now $3.99 and discoDSP AUv3 Bundle was $12.99 now $7.99

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Addicted to this Sequencer with Multiple Playheads

AUM + Fugue Machine + Decent Sampler The iOS music ecosystem has yielded a number of cool, nonstandard ways of writing music. Central to many of them is an app called AUM, which acts as an essential thread to get all of your different apps talking to eachother. In this video, I use AUM along…

8Mauvio by Accusonus

Mauvio by Accusonus – Make Your Mobile Videos Sound Professional Using Simple Sliders

Mauvio by Accusonus – Make Your Mobile Videos Sound Professional Using Simple Sliders Accusonus announce the release of Mauvio, an intuitive iOS app for mobile video creators. Mauvio helps you take the sound of your mobile videos to the next level, with minimal effort. It can be used in parallel with any video editor/app. This…

Metagrid 1.5 Main Screen Screenflow

Metagrid 1.5 adds Smooth UX/UI, Content sharing, Support for Ableton Live, and Dorico, OmniSpace

METAGRID- Advanced Grid-based Controller For iPad Metagrid 1.5 – an extensive update that brings many helpful features and enhancements that take the app to the next level of user experience and usability. The developer hopes that Metagrid will become even more useful in your creative workspace. Metagrid 1.5 features a new streamlined view/button/action editors that…

Rolands 4XCAMERA App for iOS Collaborate with Other Musicians At Home or Around the World

Roland’s 4XCAMERA App for iOS

Roland’s 4XCAMERA App for iOS – Collaborate with Other Musicians, At Home or Around the World Roland’s 4XCAMERA is a unique iOS app that makes it easy to create impressive music videos with up to four performances split on the screen. You start by capturing one video performance to the app, which becomes your guide….

zenbeats iPad

Zenbeats by Roland Free for iOS & Android

Zenbeats by Roland Free for iOS & Android Roland Zenbeats is a music creation app designed to keep you in an effortless artistic flow. Get started on any device or platform. With its collection of both modern and legendary sounds, Zenbeats brings Roland’s history of innovation into a dynamic, accessible environment. Roland Zenbeats provides access…