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Signal Sounds Roundup May 2022

Hello everyone. We’ve been on a Budhist retreat in a cave on the dark side of the Moon for the last two years and literally just returned to Earth today. Did we miss anything whilst we were gone? Anything exciting happen? Signal Sounds Roundup May 2022 Now that we’re back, fully enlightened and settled in…

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Korg Opsix – “CyberKorg” 50 Presets & Sequences

Korg Opsix – 50 Presets & Sequences “CyberKorg“ is LFO.STORE’s first soundset from the Korg Opsix series made by Anton Sacral Reason & Nick Chronos – creators of Cinematica, Ambika, Wavestate sounds. “CyberKorg” 50 Presets & Sequences Massive strings & lush pads Razor leads & plucks Low & neurotic basses Arps & modular sounds “CyberKorg“ is available now.

Eurorack Live Patch Explained – Drums and Samples

Eurorack Live Patch Explained – Drums and Samples Hey there! This is the second video of a three-part series explaining the patch on my eurorack modular synth for live performances. This time we’ll have a look at the parts of the patch responsible for drums and sample playback. Next week we go over how I…


Volca Modular and Friends

Volca Modular and Friends Today I received the Korg Volca Modular and had to jam with it. It’s so much fun and I hope that I can combine it with my AE Modular in the future. But in this jam it’s the Volca Modular, Volca FM with support from the Synthstrom Deluge for kick drum…

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Korg Minilogue – AMBIKA 85 Atmospheric & Lush Presets

Korg Minilogue – AMBIKA 85 Atmospheric & Lush Presets Ambika is a combination or collaboration between hardware & software tech. Lushest sounds for Minilogue combined with deepest fx of Supermassive wonderful free of charge effect by Valhalla DSP. ATTENTION – AMBIKA 85 is working Only With Original Minilogue! Lfo.store used a lot of Valhalla effects…

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I Finally Made A Video About The Thing On My Wall

Thing On My Wall About 6 months ago, I attached a bunch of synths to my wall. This video talks about how and why I did that – and I make some quick music. Synths Korg Electribe ER-1 Launchpad Pro Launchpad Pro Custom Sequencer Firmware Korg Volca Keys Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator PO-33 K.O! FIFINE…

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Volca, Deluge and Wavestate Jam (AE Modular)

Volca, Deluge and Wavestate Jam After so many videos with only AE Modular I wanted to spend some time again with my other synths. Especially the Volca FM which I’ve not touched in months! So here is a quick and dirty jam on a beautiful spring day.

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Korg SQ-1 – Review, Introduction & Demo

Korg SQ-1 – Introduction, Demo & Review Check out our Korg SQ1 review and demonstration with Consordini.com and ‘Nathan Cleary Music!’ featuring a deep dive through some of the features, sounds, pros, and cons of the unit. Begin with a quick overview and discussion about the unit, followed by a quick tour of the main…

KORGs NEW volca sample Front

KORG’s NEW volca sample (2)

NEW volca sample2 KORG launched their new generation volca sample with more memory, features, and connectivity to take your beat making further than ever before. The volca sample has everything that you need to create the music you like, and in a portable small form factor that you can take anywhere! On its own, it…

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Synth Jam – A Day On Mars

A Day On Mars Join me for a day out on Mars as we will follow those smart little robots Spirit Rover and Curiosity as they discover the Red Planet. This Saturday Jam starts with an ambient wave sequence from the Korg Wavestate followed by a thumping beat from the AE Modular. The final part…