Make Noise Strega

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Bewitched | Make Noise Strega + Phonogene * 2

Bewitched Moody patch for a Sunday afternoon. I wanted to experiment with Strega and two Phonogenes creating a stereo soundscape, but while fooling around Strega took over and rewarded me with a beautiful dreamy piece. I tried again in the second part of this video, but after a while, Strega started to take over again….

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Harmonaig Solo with Strega

Harmonaig Solo | with Strega The Instruo Harmonaig (harmony) is designed to drive four voices into all kinds of chords and progressions. In this video I am using the Harmonaig to control Strega’s pitch and delay speed into some amazing new sounds. So when you spend some time with the Witch, don’t forget to mult…

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Make Noise Strega | Episode 06 | Into Heaven

Make Noise Strega – Into Heaven After a bare episode 5, I’ll return to heavenly overprocessed Strega tones. I used QPAS, Phonogene, Erbe-Verb, X-PAN and the Mimeophon. Notes come from Rene. This started off as an experiment with Phonogene but in the end got this heavenly bed of sound I did not expect from a…

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Make Noise Strega Witchcraft

Make Noise Strega | Episode 04 | Witchcraft I was very happy with the case layout I introduced in Episode 03. Every new patch is a new adventure. I was planning on having fun with Phonogene and Strega (also works nicely as a feedback-loop-recorder) but this great patch emerged from fooling around and I just…

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Make Noise Strega With Echophon

Make Noise Strega | Episode 03 | With Echophon This video starts in mono and switches to stereo around 01:39​.It’s no secret that I don’t like mono patches. Strega has a mono echo which I believe sounds totally unnatural. It needs to bounce and reflect through mountaintops and canyons. But Echophon is a great sonic…

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Make Noise Easel | 0-coast, 0-ctrl, Strega, XPAN, QPAS, Mimeophon & Morphagene

Make Noise Easel I got a lot of requests about how I racked my MakeNoise tabletop gear so I shot some actual ‘making of’ footage as I set up my own take on the MakeNoise ‘Music Easel’. This setup should at least have the 0-coast and 0-ctrl, but the recent Strega is also a worthy…

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Make Noise Strega | Episode 02 | Understanding Strega – feat. Teleplexer ‘Expander’

Make Noise Strega – Episode 02 The best way to learn and understand Strega is to check out Alessandro Cortini’s tracks and performances on YouTube. You’ll be diving into sonic landscapes that are beautiful, dark, and magical. I wondered Strega would probably perform very well in these genres and styles. It’s not your typical ambient…

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Make Noise Strega | First Patch | with Todd Barton

Make Noise Strega After waiting for months for Strega to arrive, it finally came to my doorstep yesterday. As you may see, I’ve been preparing for its arrival creating cool support footage and video stuff to make it a special experience. I’ve reached 4K subscribers this week and this ‘special edition’ video is also a…