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Shared System Tutorials | Part 38 | The Jukebox

The Jukebox – Shared System Tutorials In MakeNoise’s latest Maths ‘bouncing ball’ video, Tony Rolando spoke about a patch you could start with one button/trigger and would then play a ‘song’ by itself. Aleatoric Music.

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Mystery | MakeNoise Mysteron eight years later

MakeNoise Mysteron eight years later Today I also uploaded a new Rings into Clouds video to create another magical forest. But I can imagine you’re not into that, and prefer a darker ambient setting. So in tandem, I created this Mysteron video, which was introduced a year before Rings came out. Both Rings and Mysteron…

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Starter Kit 07 | An Experimental Drone System

Starter Kit 07 This starterkit features Maths, Broken Tape Simulator, Golden Master and Desmodus Versio with Electus firmware.

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Bewitched | Make Noise Strega + Phonogene * 2

Bewitched Moody patch for a Sunday afternoon. I wanted to experiment with Strega and two Phonogenes creating a stereo soundscape, but while fooling around Strega took over and rewarded me with a beautiful dreamy piece. I tried again in the second part of this video, but after a while, Strega started to take over again….

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Rush | Make Noise Shared System + Mimeophon

Rush In this video I tried to speed up Tempi into audio rates by using a fast Maths cycle and clock Tempi with the ‘end-of-cycle’ trigger. Then I created very high clock divisions on the channels to trigger Rene and clock the clocks of other modules like Mimeophon and Erbe-Verb. My first attempts were very…

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Make Noise Telharmonic Retirement Tribute

Telharmonic Retirement Tribute Make Noise has decided to retire the Telharmonic, System Cartesian – and Brains. The Telharmonic has been one of my most underappreciated modules for a long time, but that’s completely changed since Walker’s digital foam video. Also, the MakeNoise FB April Fools post from 2019 was also great fun to revisit –…

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Harmonaig Solo with Strega

Harmonaig Solo | with Strega The Instruo Harmonaig (harmony) is designed to drive four voices into all kinds of chords and progressions. In this video I am using the Harmonaig to control Strega’s pitch and delay speed into some amazing new sounds. So when you spend some time with the Witch, don’t forget to mult…

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Morphagene Reels & Splices – Shared System Tutorials Part 34

Morphagene Reels & Splices In this episode I am going to create a Morphagene reel with more found sounds from the kitchen and explore the cool world of reels, splices and microsound. It was also a cool opportunity to test my WA-47 ‘vintage microphone’ that desperately needs some real musicians. Hopefully soon!

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Make Noise Strega | Episode 06 | Into Heaven

Make Noise Strega – Into Heaven After a bare episode 5, I’ll return to heavenly overprocessed Strega tones. I used QPAS, Phonogene, Erbe-Verb, X-PAN and the Mimeophon. Notes come from Rene. This started off as an experiment with Phonogene but in the end got this heavenly bed of sound I did not expect from a…

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Make Noise Strega Witchcraft

Make Noise Strega | Episode 04 | Witchcraft I was very happy with the case layout I introduced in Episode 03. Every new patch is a new adventure. I was planning on having fun with Phonogene and Strega (also works nicely as a feedback-loop-recorder) but this great patch emerged from fooling around and I just…