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In this video, we show you all the bags we are using while traveling across the world! We’re Libby and Marcel, a full-time traveling couple recording unique sounds around the world! Follow us as we go to different destinations, showcasing new audio gear, and providing tips and tricks for field recording and sound editing!

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The Most Expensive Microphones & Audio Gear Kit I Ever Bought

My newest field recording equipment which I’m using to record new sounds all across the world! My most expensive field recording kit is worth $9000. Who are we? We’re Libby and Marcel, a full-time traveling couple recording unique sounds around the world! Follow us as we go to different destinations, showcasing new audio gear, and…

Ambisonic Field Recordings

Ambisonic Field Recordings

Ambisonic’s 360deg surround sound format is a more conventional stereo surround sound that captures full directional information when sound waves hit the microphone, including elevation information, ideal for immersive audio applications. Ambisonics is a 360-degree ambient sound format that is more conventional than stereo surround sounds and records complete directional information when the sound wave…

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How To Avoid Field Recording Mistakes

Field Recording Mistakes And How To Avoid Them We all make mistakes and I’m no exception! In this video, I break down several important mistakes I’ve made with field recording! From the wrong SD card, poorly written metadata, to unwanted fabric noise and many many more. Also, I address ways to avoid these mishaps.

Field Recording Audio Gear for Sound Recording & Filmmaking

FIELD RECORDING AUDIO EQUIPMENT For nearly years we’ve been traveling the world with audio and video gear! We’ll show you all the audio equipment that we use for field recording, filmmaking, and vlogging! There is much to talk about so get comfortable while we explain all our favorite recorders, microphones, and other bits that we…

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AKG C411 PP Contact Microphone – Field Recording Real World Test

CONTACT MICROPHONE – Why you should have one! When I first started sound recording I didn’t have a contact microphone and regret not purchasing one earlier! Since owning this inexpensive device, I’ve been able to record sounds with less ambience and it has given me more inspiration when I’m out in the field! There are…

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Ambient ASF 2 MK2 Hydrophone – Real World Test in Iceland

Ambient ASF 2 MK2 Hydrophone – Real World Test While traveling around Iceland in a camper van, we’ve been putting our new equipment to the test! With all the available water and different conditions in Iceland, we knew we had to try out the Ambient ASF 2 MK2 Hydrophone. This waterproof microphone is perfect to…

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Deity Microphones D4 DUO REVIEW & TEST

Deity D4 Duo microphone real-world test review Hi friends! We made it to Zagreb, Croatia and we thought it would be fun to take you around and test out the new Deity D4 Duo microphone! This brand new vlogging mic is one of a kind. Deity Microphones features: front and rear microphones two windjammers compact/…

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Best Microphones For Music Production And Sound Design

Frequency Matters In this video, I show you exactly why I use certain microphones and recording devices for music producers and sound designers. Spoiler alert, particular mics can record higher frequencies, which provides more options and makes field recording truly a treasure hunt! From a hydrophone (underwater microphone), Lom Geofon, Lom Prizor, to the Sennheiser…

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Does a Field Recordist need Boom Pole?

Boom Poles – Does a Field Recordist need one? I’m a field recordist – do I need a boom pole? Honestly, I never thought that a boom pole would be part of my kit while traveling around the world recording sounds full-time. Thanks to K-Tek for sending us this lightweight boom pole to try out!…