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Sundog Song Studio v3.9.0 Released Adds New Step and Chord FX to Sequencer 1

Sundog Song Studio v3.9.0 Released: Adds New Step and Chord FX to Sequencer

It’s here! Version 3.9.0 of Sundog Song Studio has just been released, and it comes packed with new features to help you create amazing songs. Writer’s block is one of the most frustrating things that can happen to a musician. You sit down at your instrument, ready to create, but the ideas just don’t come….

Review of ChilloutEngine Turn Your Chord Progressions Into Relaxed Keys Smooth Basslines Memorable Hooks and Lovely Arpeggios

Review of ChilloutEngine: Turn Your Chord Progressions Into Relaxed Keys, Smooth Basslines, Memorable Hooks, and Lovely Arpeggios

In today’s fast-paced world, it can be difficult to find time to relax. However, studies have shown that listening to music can help to reduce stress and promote relaxation. Chillout music is the perfect genre for unwinding, with its slow tempo and mellow vibe. Unlike other genres, chillout music is designed to be relaxing, making…

Review of Melody Sauce 2

Review of Melody Sauce 2 VST – Artificially Intelligent Melody Creation: New Sound Engine, 100 Sounds, 3 FX

Melody Sauce 2 is a VST that allows you to create melodies artificially intelligent Melody Creation. Melody Sauce 2 is the latest version of Melody Sauce, it’s been completely rewritten from scratch and now features a new Sound Engine with nearly 100 sounds and 3 built-in FX so you can hear melodies straight out of…

ChordPotion 2.2 screenshot

ChordPortion Melody Generator Plug-In Updated to V2.2.0

ChordPotion is a composition and performance tool that may transform any chord progression into new riffs and melodies in under a second. With real and expert patterns that react to your chords, you can improve the quality of your songs and arrangements. To make your own distinct recipes, combine and modify various playing techniques. ChordPortion…

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FeelYourSound Releases HouseEngine 1.0 MIDI Generator

HouseEngine 1.0 MIDI Generator FeelYourSound released version 1.0 of its MIDI generator plug-in HouseEngine (VST + AU). HouseEngine transforms any chord progression into powerful piano rhythms, deep basslines, catchy melodies, and sparkling arpeggios. HouseEngine is an excellent choice for all House styles, and an exceptional match for other genres as well. HouseEngine is Simple Load…

Ignite Music Creation with Chordjam A New Approach

Ignite Music Creation with Chordjam – A New Approach

Chordjam – The Ultimate Chord Machine Chordjam is an innovative plugin that builds chords and progression patterns through intuitive user-guided randomization. It automatically randomizes a unique combination of parameters, serving up unpredictable but always-musical variations. Audiomodern’s Chordjam (Affiliate Link) allows you to easily play chords with advanced progression patterns. Great to use them with virtual…

1BITDRAGON Version 2 scaled

1BITDRAGON Version 2

1BITDRAGON Version 2 1BITDRAGON 2.0 is officially out! The latest version of the easy to use and fun music-creation software is now here, including its most anticipated feature – MIDI export is now supported. 1BITDRAGON 2.0 Features 175 high-quality handcrafted instruments 150 high-quality handcrafted drum sounds 66 accompaniment patterns, 396 variations 24 arpeggiator presets 24 different scales Euclidean Rhythm…

sonicLAB launches Cosmosƒ M31 and MBot

sonicLAB launches Cosmosƒ M31 and MBot

sonicLAB releases a compelling new plugin based product, Cosmosƒ M31 is a stochastic midi event generator, and the included MBot, the client version of it. Cosmosƒ M31 and two instances of MBots are performing symphonic parts generated by themselves in realtime. NI Kontakt configuration is being driven by each instance with multichannel addressing of different…

Behringer Looming BCR32 USB MIDI Controller Sequencer

Behringer Looming BCR32 MIDI Sequencer & Controller

Behringer BCR32 Do you know that the original BCR2000 is actually 15 years old? The original designers Bert and Thomas are still with Behringer and thrilled that their baby gets a second life. BCR32 is targeting a released price of $149 USD. You can contribute your feedback for the brand-new development on Facebook here. Possible…

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Q&A with the Scaler Developers

Q&A with the Scaler Developers Covering your questions to the Scaler developers with Joshua Casper and Plugin Boutique. Scaler 2 (Affiliate Link) is an inspirational and compelling music theory workstation that provides you access to a world of original ideas, expressions, and melodies. With strong detection of MIDI and audio, Scaler 2 (Affiliate Link) can conclude what…