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Kilohearts Updates the Entire Kilohearts Ecosystem to v2

Kilohearts Version 2 – Get AMAZING Cinematic Sound Design

Kilohearts has released the eagerly awaited v2 update to its entire ecosystem of music production tools. This update is focused mainly on modulation, introducing new modulators, and incorporating the Phase Plant modulation system into Multipass and Snap Heap. This opens up dramatically increased possibilities for dynamic modular effects creation. If you’re a producer, musician, or…

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FX-AID | Creating your Own FX banks

Creating your Own FX banks There are plenty of videos on YT about FX-Aid, but one of its best features is the ability to pick your own favorite effects from a huge library that frequently grows. You can use a web-based editor (, but you can also download a desktop version. After creating a firmware…

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Weather Drones 1.5 by Eowave

Weather Drones 1.5 Weather Drones started as a DIY project a few years ago but is now available as an affordable prebuilt module. Weather Drones is a great module for creating evolving drones, textures, and soundscapes, but it also responds to pitch very well. It has a mix out for the final result, but it…

Shared System Tutorials | Part 37 | Morphagene PMOD & Envelope Follower

Morphagene PMOD & Envelope Follower In this episode, I’ve modified options.txt on the Morphagene SD card to set PMOD to 1. With this setting enabled, Morphagene only plays when the Play CV receives a gate and plays as long as the gate is high. This makes it easier to control what will happen to the…

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Shared System Tutorials | Part 38 | The Jukebox

The Jukebox – Shared System Tutorials In MakeNoise’s latest Maths ‘bouncing ball’ video, Tony Rolando spoke about a patch you could start with one button/trigger and would then play a ‘song’ by itself. Aleatoric Music.

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CosMix | The mixer that will bring a smile on your face

CosMix A lot of cool stuff is coming from the Netherlands like NerdSeq, Error, Tasty Chips, and TINRS. But a relatively new brand is Cosmotronix that already gave us the super handy Delta-V dual function generator with built-in VCA, and now the CosMix, a small and straightforward mixer with four mono inputs, two stereo inputs,…

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Starter Kits | Episode 08 | The Art of Making Good Choices

The Art of Making Good Choices When you’re getting started with modular, it’s impossible to build the perfect system – and very easy to create a combo that doesn’t really work. So in this episode, I’ll make a few bad choices, and show you how every choice will affect the next one. So this video…

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Reflections | Using regular sound files with Tasty Chips ECR-1

Reflections A convolution reverb uses recordings of a reflected sound (e.g. a gunshot) in a room or space, thus creating super realistic reverbs. However, you can also use any sound file to create spaces that will never exist in real life. In this video, I’ve been using the new ‘angel hair’ Morphagene reel which was…

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Noise Engineering | Free Plug-ins for your DAW!

Free Plug-ins for your DAW Ever wanted a Ruina Versio but don’t have the budget? Always wanted to have a polyphonic ‘iteritas’ oscillator that blends, bubbles, screams, and morphs into amazing pads, metals, beats, basslines, and leads? Noise Engineering just released public beta’s of their 95% finished DAW plugins. I normally don’t cover plug-ins on…

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Mystery | MakeNoise Mysteron eight years later

MakeNoise Mysteron eight years later Today I also uploaded a new Rings into Clouds video to create another magical forest. But I can imagine you’re not into that, and prefer a darker ambient setting. So in tandem, I created this Mysteron video, which was introduced a year before Rings came out. Both Rings and Mysteron…

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Rings into Clouds into Rings into Clouds into Rings into etc.

Rings Into Clouds … I recently added a second Rings to my lab. I was wondering how using two Rings modules would add to a patch. Looking back, using VCV rack would have been cheaper to find out but that would only lead to the same conclusion. I’ve created a big feedback loop with two…

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Qu-Bit Data Bender

Data Bender Definitely one of the most chilling new modules in my rig that can bring character, complexity, and pure chaos to your patch. Big fun and highly recommended.

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Shared System Tutorials | Part 36 | Melodic Splices (Morphagene)

Melodic Splices – Morphagene In my previous video (see link), I found a cool way to work with granular synths by creating granular buffers in a melodic scale. This makes it much easier to pick a segment and use it as a pitched voice without affecting playback speed. Obviously, people wanted to know if such…

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Fresh Mistakes | Error Instruments Spanky & Glow LFO

Error Instruments Spanky & Glow LFO Glow LFO is an experimental LFO that supports sine, square and turing machine low-frequency oscillators. A turing machine is a stepped random CV generator (semitone notes) that uses a buffer to create a repeating note sequence. The ‘glow’ part is about a light-sensitive resistor that slows down the LFO…

1010Music BitBox Micro | feat. Monome Grid

1010Music BitBox Micro | feat. Monome Grid This video started as a ‘starter kit video, but Grid is a bit too exotic to start with. BitBox Micro could be a great starting point for modular exploration, with a very high production value. This is a simple showcase of BitBox Micro and a few factory presets….

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Cinematic Laboratory – 5K on YouTube

Cinematic Laboratory I recently reached 5.000 subscribers and I wanted to express my thanks with a musical treat. I had no idea I would reach this landmark after starting the channel in 2020, about 1,5 years ago. The channel is like my personal diary, getting through isolation day by day. This is also the reason…

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Intellijel Metropolix – The Queen Of Lead Sequencing

Metropolix – One Of The Best Sequencers Just Got Better I sold my old Metropolis a year ago and always missed it a bit because of the ‘stages’, a unique way to make a simple eight-note sequence come to life. I was really happy when the new Metropolix came out that has all the cool…

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Monome TeleType | Episode 04 | Gate Quantizer

Monome TeleType In this episode I’ve created another drum machine that creates simple patterns from random CV, triggers and LFO’s. Here’s the script: I Initalization scriptM 125X 0Y 0The initialization script only sets the metronome to 125 milliseconds, which adds up to 120 BPM. Every clock tick is a 16th note. It initializes two flags…

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Bewitched | Make Noise Strega + Phonogene * 2

Bewitched Moody patch for a Sunday afternoon. I wanted to experiment with Strega and two Phonogenes creating a stereo soundscape, but while fooling around Strega took over and rewarded me with a beautiful dreamy piece. I tried again in the second part of this video, but after a while, Strega started to take over again….

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Rhythm by Code | Monome Teletype, Shapeshifter, Plaits x 3, Beads

Rhythm by Code The third episode in my Teletype series. This time, I will create a simple rhythm machine with a bit of Grids-like density control on the hat. Easy to learn, lots of fun! Here’s the code with some explanations. Intitialization Script IPARAM.SCALE 0 100M 2000 In plain English:Set the parameter knob scale to…

maxresdefault 10 Two of Cups | Two channel sample player

Two-channel sample player New Arrival! The Two of Cups is a two-channel sample player supporting pitch and sample selection with CV control. The knobs can be set to change the initial sample, pitch, and decay. 2OC comes with an SD card packed with sounds created by Julia Bondar, which include percussion, bass, and leads. The…

maxresdefault 9 Total Recall | Preset Manager & Macro Controller

Preset Manager & Macro Controller New Arrival! The 6HP Total Recall module adds eight presets for three CV values to your system. This means you can store settings for three modular destinations like filter cut-off, resonance and reverb level. But it also means you could store melodies and three-note chords – and make chord progressions…

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Westlicht Performer + Novation Launchpad

Westlicht Performer The Westlicht Performer is a great sequencer on its own, but it’s taken to the next level of accessibility when you hook up a Launchpad…

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Rush | Make Noise Shared System + Mimeophon

Rush In this video I tried to speed up Tempi into audio rates by using a fast Maths cycle and clock Tempi with the ‘end-of-cycle’ trigger. Then I created very high clock divisions on the channels to trigger Rene and clock the clocks of other modules like Mimeophon and Erbe-Verb. My first attempts were very…

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Shifting Shapes | Intellijel Shapeshifter Exploration

Intellijel Shapeshifter Exploration Here’s a second session with the ShapeShifter, an amazing complex oscillator with digital waveforms and an analog wave-folder. In this video I wanted to explore some ‘normal’ sounds but it’s hard to resist the sonic power of two high resolution wavetable oscillators and an arsenal of features to combine, sum, fold, shape,…

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Monome Teletype | Episode 2 | Metronome Demons

Monome Teletype – Metronome Demons I’ve created my first script for the Teletype, called ‘Metronome Demons’. It samples the IN cv input once a second with the M (Metronome) script. CV outputs A & B are initialized (I script) with a slew of 1 sec. In the Metronome script, the incoming CV is stored in…

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Monome Teletype | Episode 1 | First Patch

Teletype First Patch It’s been nine (!) days since my last video and that’s because I had to rebuild my production PC – and learn a few Teletype commands. The Teletype may not be for everyone, but if you’re not afraid of writing some code, this thing will be able to do some amazing stuff….

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Nano Pack 2 Released Modules for Reaktor Blocks

Nano Pack 2 Released  Toy Box released Nano Pack 2. The renewed pack includes over 150 brand-new blocks as well as numerous improvements and fixes. Toy Box’s sound design tool with unique versatility and audio quality with 700 ultra-high-quality, low CPU blocks for modern sound design. The updated pack also includes versions of the blocks in Reaktor ‘macro’…

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Qu-Bit Nebulae V2 | First Patch

Qu-Bit Nebulae V2 NOTE: This is a first patch video and there’s a lot to figure out by trial on error because the manual doesn’t provide a typical workflow for certain scenarios. So I will definitely revisit this module and try to help you understand it. There are many granular solutions for Eurorack, where Arbhar,…

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Ensemble Oscillator | by 4MS & Matthias Puech

Ensemble Oscillator I’ve been intrigued by this module for a long time but hesitated to get one until I saw Jeremy’s demo on the Red Means Recording channel. I’ve included a link to his video so I don’t have to explain how it works. The Ensemble Oscillator is a 16 sinewave sound design dream that…

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Make Noise Telharmonic Retirement Tribute

Telharmonic Retirement Tribute Make Noise has decided to retire the Telharmonic, System Cartesian – and Brains. The Telharmonic has been one of my most underappreciated modules for a long time, but that’s completely changed since Walker’s digital foam video. Also, the MakeNoise FB April Fools post from 2019 was also great fun to revisit –…

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Harmonaig Poly | with 3 Plaits & Arbhar

Harmonaig Poly After building a mono patch with the Harmonaig and Strega, it’s now time to have some fun with three Plaits and the 1v/oct input of Arbhar. Music theory is very valuable when you need to compose something, but with Harmonaig, you can easily get away with not knowing any of it. I used…

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Harmonaig Solo with Strega

Harmonaig Solo | with Strega The Instruo Harmonaig (harmony) is designed to drive four voices into all kinds of chords and progressions. In this video I am using the Harmonaig to control Strega’s pitch and delay speed into some amazing new sounds. So when you spend some time with the Witch, don’t forget to mult…

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Get more out of ring modulation & crossfading – with Erica Synths Black Ring-XFade

Get more out of ring modulation & crossfading Today we go in-depth with the brand new Erica Synths Black Ring-Fade, a eurorack module with two ring modulators, a build-in crossfader, and VCA. Both the ring modulators as well as the crossfader can be used as independent modules, but the internal routing makes it very suitable…

Sound Destruction Device – The Ultimate Distortion Eurorack Module

Sound Destruction Device The Sound Destruction Device is a variable resistor distortion with a twin T-notch filter that distorts, glitches, clips, and filters sound into unearthly shapes. Five parameters allow for creating super thick fuzz, starved splatters, and sonic malformations. CV control over 3 parameters takes the damage to another level. Warp, contort, and twist shapes to…

Wolv Waveshaper A pack of Wolves Attacks

Wolv Waveshaper – A pack of Wolves Attacks

Vult DSP New Wolv Waveshaper For Eurorack Over the last years, Vult DSP built a lot of synthesizer circuits. On a few occasions, Leonardo (Vult DSP) make full eurorack modules. For example, some years ago Leonardo designed the PCBs and panel for a Steiner-Parker filter. Leonardo gave away the boards to some of my friends…

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WMD Performance Mixer – Bringing Everything Together

WMD Performance Mixer I had the Performance Mixer lying around for too long because it requires a lot of space. But then I tried to make a case for it, adding all the effects I use most and it really helped to bring all the sounds in my 2×104 HP ‘islands’ together. Also, I couldn’t…

The Centre

The Centre a Serum-inspired Eurorack Modular Wavetable Synth

The Centre a Eurorack Modular Wavetable Synth “The Centre” started as a prototype wavetable oscillator over time has transformed itself into a fully-fledged synth with LFOs, LFO shapes, envelopes, voltage-controlled amps, digital) filters and effects. A unique Synthesizer bringing software sounds to a hardware package for tactile, PC-free controls. Powerful yet easy to use! The…

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Cinematic Laboratory’s ModularWorld Anniversary Performance, May 9th, 202

ModularWorld Anniversary Performance I’d sincerely like to thank Johno Wells for translating the concept of tape degradation to the human body. The ModularWorld Anniversary show started live at 12 noon PST and was supposed to end 24 hours later, bringing 140 artists from all over the world together and sharing more than 30 hours of…

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Binaural 3D Audio | Episode 01 | Introduction

Binaural 3D Audio – Introduction One of the coolest things I’ve been exploring is Binaural 3D audio. It’s 3D audio for normal headphones, coded in normal stereo. We’re living in a world where people consume most music with earbuds, so I am hoping the modular world will be inspired to give these ‘poor’ people a…

EPHEMERE a High resolution Dual channel Recording Interface For Your Signals

EPHEMERE a High-resolution Dual-channel Recording Interface For Your Signals

EPHEMERE by patching panda for Eurorack EPHEMERE is a high-resolution dual-channel recording interface for your signals. You can record from 1014sec at 172Hz up to 4 seconds at 44.1kHz of signal on each channel, change the playback speed also it scans through the recorded CV. EPHEMERE comes with an Oled display to monitor your signal to adjust…

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Error Drums by Error Instruments

Error Instruments’s Error Drums It’s always fun to explore a new module from Error Instruments, and this one is quickly becoming one of my favorites. It’s weird, fun and great to generate all kinds of percussive quirks if you want to escape the mainstream XOX sounds – or combine them.

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ILLEGAL | Music video

ILLEGAL | Music video It’s no secret I love modulars, but I love to create ‘normal’ music too! Ok, not totally normal, I love to create cinematic adventures. Illegal is the opening (techno-ish) track of my forthcoming album with the same name. It’s about a world where music has become forbidden, so it’s not allowed…

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How to use Sample & Hold in a Eurorack Modular System – with Doepfer A-148

Sample & Hold in a Eurorack Modular System Sample & Hold is a common ingredient in synthesis. Not just in modular synths, but also semi-modular and stand alone synths. Its often thought of as a random stepped signal, but it’s actually a function. And within a modular you have the possibility to customize the results…

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Getting Started with Modular Synths – LFOs and Envelope Generators

LFOs and Envelope Generators In this video, I add LFOs and envelope generators to my eurorack rig. I also show how to modulate parameters using MIDI (Modwheel CC).

Full Analog Modular FX sample pack Vol.3

Eplex7 Releases Full Analog Modular Fx Sample Pack Vol.3 Made With DIY Modular Synth

Analog Modular Fx Sample Pack Vol.3 Eplex7 DSP has released Analog Modular FX sample pack vol.3. After two free small sample packs, that were made in cooperation with psytrance producer Twisted Kala, Eplex7 brings together a new full collection of modular samples. The collection contains 135 FX samples created with a modular synthesizer that was…


Available now – Cable Management Kit for AE MODULAR

AE Modular Bread Board Cable Holders by Flavorwave  As reported earlier AE Modular Bread Board Cable Holders by Flavorwave was planned to be ready for order and shipment in May 2021.  The cable management kit it is designed for one row of an AE rack. With the Wings used in the studio, and the tabs…

AE Modular New SWITCHMATRIX 4x4 Module

AE Modular SWITCHMATRIX 4×4 New Module

SWITCHMATRIX 4×4 Module (AE Modular) The SWITCHMATRIX 4×4 has four inputs and four outputs; via dedicated, illuminated buttons you can make freely every connection between these, no matter if CV or audio signals. Each routing/connection setting can be stored in one of 64 preset memories. Selecting the presets is possible by up/down triggers, CV, and…

AE Modular New 4VCA Module

AE Modular New 4VCA Module

4VCA Module (AE Modular) A quad VCA, switchable DC/CV and Audio (same like 2VCA), and a mix output! So it is also a 4-channel CV controllable mixer! 4VCA is available now.

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LIVE | Warming up for the ModularWorld Marathon

Warming up for the ModularWorld Marathon I don’t have any experience playing a live set, so I had to practice a lot for ModularWorld marathon coming up on 8/9 May. Making videos is a lot easier because you can just cut the things you don’t like. I started with two cool sets, but they did…

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New Mutable Instruments Beads Firmware

Beads Firmware – Release Candidate Mutable Instruments Beads The first thing you’ll notice about Beads is the sleek new design. The hardware has been redesigned from the ground up for a more polished look and feel. The next thing you’ll notice is the improved sound quality. The software has been upgraded for a crisper and…

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AE Modular – Getting Started – DRONE38 and DRONX

DRONE38 and DRONX – Getting Started This is an overview of the two new drone modules for the AE Modular Synth from tangible waves. I’m presenting a short demonstration of the sound in the beginning and then will explain the functions of each module in detail. Towards the end there are some thoughts on how…

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AE Modular DRONES As per popular demand on Instagram … here is my very first jam with the DRONE38 and DRONX modules from tangible waves. This is a very first play with the new AE Modular DRONE38 and DRONX modules from tangible waves. I just got them yesterday and already I’m in love! With two…

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Getting started with modular synths – Step 1: Building a DIY Eurorack case

Building a DIY Eurorack case In this video, I build a DIY Eurorack case and take my first synth module (Plaits) for a spin.

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Morphagene Reels & Splices – Shared System Tutorials Part 34

Morphagene Reels & Splices In this episode I am going to create a Morphagene reel with more found sounds from the kitchen and explore the cool world of reels, splices and microsound. It was also a cool opportunity to test my WA-47 ‘vintage microphone’ that desperately needs some real musicians. Hopefully soon!

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Masterclass | Golden Master Golden Master Masterclass First impressions with the Golden Master end of chain mastering module in my ‘Big Shuttle System’ (The Spaceship). The GM provides three bands with EQ, Compression and Mid/Side processing. It can be used to master your final output to taste, but it’s also a very cool module for creative boosting, filtering,…

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Make Noise Strega | Episode 06 | Into Heaven

Make Noise Strega – Into Heaven After a bare episode 5, I’ll return to heavenly overprocessed Strega tones. I used QPAS, Phonogene, Erbe-Verb, X-PAN and the Mimeophon. Notes come from Rene. This started off as an experiment with Phonogene but in the end got this heavenly bed of sound I did not expect from a…

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Make Noise Strega | Episode 05 | Patches from the Manual

Make Noise Strega – Patches from the Manual For this episode, I wanted to let you hear the numerous patches which are documented in Strega’s manual. There are patches from Alessandro C, Tony Rolando, Peter Speer, Walker Farrell, Sarah Belle Reid, LightBath, Jake (Pugh?) and Tim Held. I realized I didn’t leave much space for…

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Make Noise Strega Witchcraft

Make Noise Strega | Episode 04 | Witchcraft I was very happy with the case layout I introduced in Episode 03. Every new patch is a new adventure. I was planning on having fun with Phonogene and Strega (also works nicely as a feedback-loop-recorder) but this great patch emerged from fooling around and I just…

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Make Noise Strega With Echophon

Make Noise Strega | Episode 03 | With Echophon This video starts in mono and switches to stereo around 01:39​.It’s no secret that I don’t like mono patches. Strega has a mono echo which I believe sounds totally unnatural. It needs to bounce and reflect through mountaintops and canyons. But Echophon is a great sonic…