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Kilohearts Updates the Entire Kilohearts Ecosystem to v2

Kilohearts Version 2 – Get AMAZING Cinematic Sound Design

Kilohearts has released the eagerly awaited v2 update to its entire ecosystem of music production tools. This update is focused mainly on modulation, introducing new modulators, and incorporating the Phase Plant modulation system into Multipass and Snap Heap. This opens up dramatically increased possibilities for dynamic modular effects creation. If you’re a producer, musician, or…

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FX-AID | Creating your Own FX banks

Creating your Own FX banks There are plenty of videos on YT about FX-Aid, but one of its best features is the ability to pick your own favorite effects from a huge library that frequently grows. You can use a web-based editor (, but you can also download a desktop version. After creating a firmware…

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Weather Drones 1.5 by Eowave

Weather Drones 1.5 Weather Drones started as a DIY project a few years ago but is now available as an affordable prebuilt module. Weather Drones is a great module for creating evolving drones, textures, and soundscapes, but it also responds to pitch very well. It has a mix out for the final result, but it…

Shared System Tutorials | Part 37 | Morphagene PMOD & Envelope Follower

Morphagene PMOD & Envelope Follower In this episode, I’ve modified options.txt on the Morphagene SD card to set PMOD to 1. With this setting enabled, Morphagene only plays when the Play CV receives a gate and plays as long as the gate is high. This makes it easier to control what will happen to the…

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Shared System Tutorials | Part 38 | The Jukebox

The Jukebox – Shared System Tutorials In MakeNoise’s latest Maths ‘bouncing ball’ video, Tony Rolando spoke about a patch you could start with one button/trigger and would then play a ‘song’ by itself. Aleatoric Music.

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CosMix | The mixer that will bring a smile on your face

CosMix A lot of cool stuff is coming from the Netherlands like NerdSeq, Error, Tasty Chips, and TINRS. But a relatively new brand is Cosmotronix that already gave us the super handy Delta-V dual function generator with built-in VCA, and now the CosMix, a small and straightforward mixer with four mono inputs, two stereo inputs,…

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Starter Kits | Episode 08 | The Art of Making Good Choices

The Art of Making Good Choices When you’re getting started with modular, it’s impossible to build the perfect system – and very easy to create a combo that doesn’t really work. So in this episode, I’ll make a few bad choices, and show you how every choice will affect the next one. So this video…

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Reflections | Using regular sound files with Tasty Chips ECR-1

Reflections A convolution reverb uses recordings of a reflected sound (e.g. a gunshot) in a room or space, thus creating super realistic reverbs. However, you can also use any sound file to create spaces that will never exist in real life. In this video, I’ve been using the new ‘angel hair’ Morphagene reel which was…

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Noise Engineering | Free Plug-ins for your DAW!

Free Plug-ins for your DAW Ever wanted a Ruina Versio but don’t have the budget? Always wanted to have a polyphonic ‘iteritas’ oscillator that blends, bubbles, screams, and morphs into amazing pads, metals, beats, basslines, and leads? Noise Engineering just released public beta’s of their 95% finished DAW plugins. I normally don’t cover plug-ins on…

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Mystery | MakeNoise Mysteron eight years later

MakeNoise Mysteron eight years later Today I also uploaded a new Rings into Clouds video to create another magical forest. But I can imagine you’re not into that, and prefer a darker ambient setting. So in tandem, I created this Mysteron video, which was introduced a year before Rings came out. Both Rings and Mysteron…