1010Music BitBox Micro | feat. Monome Grid

1010Music BitBox Micro | feat. Monome Grid This video started as a ‘starter kit video, but Grid is a bit too exotic to start with. BitBox Micro could be a great starting point for modular exploration, with a very high production value. This is a simple showcase of BitBox Micro and a few factory presets….

Monome TeleType | Episode 04 | Gate Quantizer

Monome TeleType In this episode I’ve created another drum machine that creates simple patterns from random CV, triggers and LFO’s. Here’s the script: I Initalization scriptM 125X 0Y 0The initialization script only sets the metronome to 125 milliseconds, which adds up to 120 BPM. Every clock tick is a 16th note. It initializes two flags…

Rhythm by Code | Monome Teletype, Shapeshifter, Plaits x 3, Beads

Rhythm by Code The third episode in my Teletype series. This time, I will create a simple rhythm machine with a bit of Grids-like density control on the hat. Easy to learn, lots of fun! Here’s the code with some explanations. Intitialization Script IPARAM.SCALE 0 100M 2000 In plain English:Set the parameter knob scale to…

Monome Teletype | Episode 2 | Metronome Demons

Monome Teletype – Metronome Demons I’ve created my first script for the Teletype, called ‘Metronome Demons’. It samples the IN cv input once a second with the M (Metronome) script. CV outputs A & B are initialized (I script) with a slew of 1 sec. In the Metronome script, the incoming CV is stored in…

Monome Teletype | Episode 1 | First Patch

Teletype First Patch It’s been nine (!) days since my last video and that’s because I had to rebuild my production PC – and learn a few Teletype commands. The Teletype may not be for everyone, but if you’re not afraid of writing some code, this thing will be able to do some amazing stuff….