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  • Collection of Misheard Lyrics

    Are you  look for some fun and want to relax? How about some great examples of misheard lyrics: Our favourite one is  Ken Lii Far behind the rest of misheard lyrics

  • Auto-Tune the News #6: Michael Jackson. Drugs. Palin.

    If you afraid of an earworm, do not start this video. For the rest who are not afraid of an earworms “This is just..just fantastic.” schmoyoho (YouTube channel name) does use auto-tune. Auto-tune (from Antares Audio Technologies) can alter singers’ voices to achieve perfect pitch. You can lean more  about auto-tune in  this Time’s article…

  • Beauty retouching video from

    The art of retouching clip from a Venice, CA based company shows how clips are polished these days. This clip and the ones on web site shows a great before and after comparison from the wonderland of retouching. On room’s website you find more fx & design examples of their recent work. room’s…