Mutable Instruments

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Mutable Instruments Marbles

Mutable Instruments Marbles Marbles is one of the most appreciated modules in Eurorack. But since Mutable Instruments is going to retire as a business, there may be a time where the original Marbles will no longer be available. It’s been great fun to create this video. It started with an Elements jam, but forgot about…

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Rhythm by Code | Monome Teletype, Shapeshifter, Plaits x 3, Beads

Rhythm by Code The third episode in my Teletype series. This time, I will create a simple rhythm machine with a bit of Grids-like density control on the hat. Easy to learn, lots of fun! Here’s the code with some explanations. Intitialization Script IPARAM.SCALE 0 100M 2000 In plain English:Set the parameter knob scale to…

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New Mutable Instruments Beads Firmware

Beads Firmware – Release Candidate Mutable Instruments Beads The first thing you’ll notice about Beads is the sleek new design. The hardware has been redesigned from the ground up for a more polished look and feel. The next thing you’ll notice is the improved sound quality. The software has been upgraded for a crisper and…

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Getting started with modular synths – Step 1: Building a DIY Eurorack case

Building a DIY Eurorack case In this video, I build a DIY Eurorack case and take my first synth module (Plaits) for a spin.

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Eurorack Starter Kits | Episode 01 | Greatness in Small Steps

Eurorack Starter Kits – Episode 01 I think it’s time to offer some help to people who are thinking about eurorack but don’t know where to start. Well, there’s a ‘no brainer starterkit’ containing the top 3 of most ‘racked’ modules in modulargrid, which also happens to be an insanely powerful combo: Maths, Plaits &…

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Clouds Feedback | The ‘Out-Of-Control’ mode

The ‘Out-Of-Control’ mode While trying to figure out Beads ‘feedback’ knob, I remembered always having problems with Clouds’ feedback setting. It often went totally crazy so I learned to stay away from it over the years. So I was wondering how sending some ‘delicate’ CV to it would work. I tried Maths with a subtle…

Marbles Rings Blades Clouds | Ambient Electric Guitar Improvisation

Ambient Electric Guitar Improvisation In a case like this, you can let the machine to all the work (but as a composer, you’ll still have to conduct it). In this patch, Tides is driving Marbles’ tempo. Marbles is sending notes to Rings which is intercepted by Blades to add some warm saturation. This basically creates…

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Clouds Parasite | Still Going Strong & feat. Beads

Still Going Strong & feat. Beads In my previous video I introduced Beads, the official successor of Clouds. I did not cover a comparison with classic Clouds, because I use the ‘parasite’ firmware written by Matthias Buech. So does Clouds still have a future in your rack? I think so. I mentioned that the two…

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Clouds, Seeds, Crowds & Beads | Mutable Instruments Beads​

Mutable Instruments Beads​ First impressions with the brand new, latest and final module of Mutable Instruments. It started off around 2017 as Clouds V2 but ended up as ‘Beads’ (which make a necklace). Make sure you manage your expectations, because this is not a Clouds 2.0, it’s a completely different module with its own character…

Beads a Reinvention of Mutable Instruments Clouds or Clouds 2

Beads Texture synthesizer – Some Retailer still accepting pre-orders

Beads Texture synthesizer Beads is a reinvention of Mutable Instruments’ Clouds. the long-time awaited Clouds 2 is here and the name of the eurorack module is Beads. The concept of Beads is the same, live granular processing of an incoming audio signal, and the labels on the panel remain familiar. The similarities of Beads compared…