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Noise Engineering | Free Plug-ins for your DAW!

Free Plug-ins for your DAW Ever wanted a Ruina Versio but don’t have the budget? Always wanted to have a polyphonic ‘iteritas’ oscillator that blends, bubbles, screams, and morphs into amazing pads, metals, beats, basslines, and leads? Noise Engineering just released public beta’s of their 95% finished DAW plugins. I normally don’t cover plug-ins on…

Noise Engineering Plugin Public Beta session

Noise Engineering Plugin Public Beta

Noise Engineering Plugin Noise Engineering plugins are here, but since this is Noise Engineering first venture into multi-format plugins, Noise Engineering is looking for a dedicated cadre of testers who will put these plugins through their paces, use the heck out of them, and of course, report any oddities that remain so Noise Engineering can…

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Noise Engineering’s New Ruina Versio and Electus Versio

New Ruina Versio and Electus Versio Ruina Versio is a stereo distortion like you’ve never heard: it’s actually a stack of distortion, filtering, and mangling tools that can be rerouted and CV’d to completely destroy any sound you run through it — in a good way, of course. This is the first time that the…

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The Bat Verb | Part 07 | Ruina Versio firmware

Ruina Versio Firmware Noise Engineering already had five different distortions in the catalog. They’re the masters of grit, saturation and rectification. Having a distortion on the Versio platform was inevitable and now, Ruina Versio is here. It ‘s available as a dedicated module with its own faceplate (shipping end of March), but if you own…

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Starter Kits | Episode 05 | VPME Quad Drums & friends

Starter Kits – Episode 05 In this episode I’ve joined Pamela’s new workout and Mimetic Digitalis with the ‘canned fun’ Quad Drums module from VPME. If you have to start small, this is a great module to get totally eurorack addicted. I also makes it very easy to explain why modular synths are so cool….

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Starter Kits | Episode 04 | Bloom, Pico System III, Desmodus Versio

Starter Kits – Episode 04 After three episodes of Plaits, it’s time to go analog with the ‘Westcoast inspired Erica Synths Pico System III, Qu-Bit Bloom sequencer, and the insane Desmodus Versio reverb. The workflow is completely different and you’ll have to make your sounds from scratch. It sounds completely different too! Technically, it’s three…

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Shared Guests | Episode 05 | Loquelic Iteritas Percido

Shared Guests | Episode 05 In this episode, Pressure Points is replaced by the tiny giant, the 20 HP Loquelic Iteritas Percido. Officially it’s not a ‘complex oscillator’ because it doesn’t meet any of the ‘Buchla 259 inspired’ designs like DPO, Furthrrrr Generator, Verbos CO, Cs-L, Brenso, etc. It has one ‘final’ out. Let’s just…

Arturia unleashes MicroFreak V3 firmware update collaboration with Noise Engineering

MicroFreak Firmware 3 Created in Collaboration with Noise Engineering

Arturia unleashes MicroFreak V3 firmware update, collaboration with Noise Engineering MicroFreak’s mad talents continue to evolve with every free update. Introducing MicroFreak Firmware V3, designed in collaboration with Noise Engineering to push MicroFreak’s sound further into the experimental digital realm. 3 razor-sharp new oscillator modes and a number of enhancements bring gritty digital character, workflow…

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Noise Acquisition Syndrome

Noise Acquisition Syndrome Today I took the Noise Engineering Iteritas & Versio family for an industrial jam, with some valuable help from WMD Metron, TrshMstr & Arpitecht.

Eurorack Live Patch Explained – Drums and Samples

Eurorack Live Patch Explained – Drums and Samples Hey there! This is the second video of a three-part series explaining the patch on my eurorack modular synth for live performances. This time we’ll have a look at the parts of the patch responsible for drums and sample playback. Next week we go over how I…