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Analog Hip Hop Drums For Free

Analog Hip-Hop Drums For Free

Real drums recorded straight to tape with heavy analog processing! No need to dig around records! These drums Past To Future Samples recorded and chopped sounds just like vinyl records! Past To Future Samples processed them in a way that resembles the 60’s 70’s drum sounds, ran through vintage samplers! Royalty-free! Over 50, 24/48kHz One-Shot…

Past To Future Samples Harvest Drums

Past To Future Samples – Harvest Drums!

Harvest Drums! One of the most requested drum libraries from Past To Future Samples customers! Here are the Harvest drums in all their glory! This sample library for Kontakt was made with obsessive detail! Our all-time favorite dry, punchy 70’s sound from the famous record we all know and love! *Period correct gear, recorded to…

Past To Future Samples Releases Floyd Drums

Past To Future Samples Releases Floyd Drums

Floyd Drums Here are the Floyd drums, with all their Hi-fi glory (sorry it took this long!)!  Inspired by the legendary band, we used the same kind of period-correct microphones, drums, Analog outboard gear, and tape! Everything was recorded to tape and later digitized with a very high-end DAD converter to give you the best quality!…

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Big, Fat Modern Vintage Drums!

PastToFutureSamples Releases Big, Fat Modern Vintage Drums PastToFutureSamples released Modern Vintage Drums. Ludwig Super Classic kit with a 24-inch kick drum, huge toms, and a fat-sounding ’60s supra snare recorded with vintage mics and processed with API, Neve, and vintage Urei gear! Modern Vintage Drums 24bit/48khz Wave files are included if you don’t use Kontakt!…


Daft Drums Released By Past To FutureSamples

Daft Drums – Dry, Punchy, Hifi drum sound inspired by the French Duo! Daft Drums was recorded to tape with vintage gear like Neve preamps Studer A80 tape machine, and some additional processing done with Roland S760 an awesome sounding sampler that the French duo uses. You can purchase Daft Drums directly here.

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Untamed Drums VOL.2 by Past To Future Samples

Past To Future Samples launched Untamed Drums VOL.2. Untamed Drums VOL.2 comes with the crunchy, vintage-sounding, special Boombastic sound you know and love! Past To Future Samples used a 60’s Ludwig Blue Sparkle kit with a snare, Shure Se-30, UREI 546 Eq and our trusty Dbx 165a for the sound. These drums will cut through…