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I Built a Mic Preamp (DIYRE CP5)

In this video, I tackle my most ambitious electronics project to date: building a mic preamp. My vocal processing chain for this song was as follows: Rode M5 (matched pair) into 2 DIYRE CP5 Preamps with the CTX Colour module. On the software side, I used Waves CLA Vocals (mostly to add some reverb).

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Heritage Audio Improves 500 Series 73-style mic Pre-Amp with 73JR II

3JRII The 2021 Update The 73JRII  is the 2021 update to the already classic 73JR, a true 73 style mic preamp in a single 500 series slot with some added features that will cover all the recording needs for engineers and musicians that don´t find the need to track with eq. European pro audio manufacturer Heritage…

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Black Lion Audio Releases British-style B173 mkII and American-style B12A MkIII Pre-Amps

British-style B173 mkII and American-style B12A MkIII Pre-Amps Boutique audio company Black Lion Audio announce availability of the B173 mkII and B12A mkIII — British-style (1073) and American-style (312A) portable preamps packed into convenient half-rack-sized units, respectively, allowing users to mix and match as they sonically see fit, Simply speaking, Black Lion Audio’s B173 mkII…

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IK Multimedia’s AXE I/O® SOLO – Compact Guitar Interface with Advanced Tone-Shaping

Compact audio interface with advanced guitar tone shaping K Multimedia’s AXE I/O SOLO is the latest addition to its range of AXE I/O® high-end guitar interfaces with advanced tone-shaping features. It maintains the award-winning, best-in-class tone from the original while offering a more budget-friendly, mobile format. 2-in / 3-out USB audio interface ACTIVE/PASSIVE pick-up selector PURE and JFET input stages Z-Tone® impedance-adapting…

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SAND3 suite

SAND3 is a VST/AAX/AU plug-in suite that reproduces the sonic behavior of a series of high-end British consoles which literally dominated the Pop and Rock scene from the ’80s onward. Sound engineers from all over the world swear by their forward, slightly ‘aggressive’ sound as well as their logical layout. With the SAND3 suite, Acustica…

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Heritage Audio’s HA-81A Hybrid Classic Console Channel Strip

Heritage Audio’s HA-81A Two Classic Console´s Circuits European pro audio manufacturer Heritage Audio is proud to announce the availability of the HA-81A — a British-spec hybrid channel strip representing the latest addition to its ELITE SERIES range of zero-compromise, high- quality yet affordable alternatives to entry-level brands as an all-new mix of two classic consoles,…

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EQUALIZER BUNDLE by Mogwai Audio Tools

EQUALIZER BUNDLE by Mogwai Audio Tools This bundle (Affiliate Link) features 4 great equalizer emulations – a preamp equalizer (MEQ-1073), a passive equalizer (MEQ-MKII), and two classic American equalizers (MEQ-550A and MEQ-550B). These 4 vintage style EQ’s come in a nice variety of flavours and unique options you won’t see elsewhere. EQUALIZER BUNDLE Features Four equalizers…

VCMC and Instrument Interface Modules

Befaco Launching Mid-October New VCMC and I⁴ – INSTRUMENT INTERFACE Modules

New VCMC and Instrument Interface Modules by Befaco VCMC and Instrument interface will be released around 24th of October! Both available in DIY and Assembled at the finest retailers. VCMC VCMC is a voltage controlled MIDI controller. A fully editable MIDI controller with eight faders and push-buttons. Each of them with a CV or Gate…

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Acustica Audio Launches Sand 3 a British Console Emulation Plugin

Sand 3 a high-end British Console Emulation SAND3 is the audio industry’s biggest, most complete, insanely powerful and true-to-the-originals plugin suite, created to give you the ultimate record-ready tone in the box. In addition to a fully replicated channel strip, SAND3 includes 3 EQ modules, a compressor inspired by 3 different British units, and a…

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Universal Audio LA610 – Extended Review

Universal Audio LA610 Review Hey guys! Alex Scott here with and thank you so much for checking out another one of our videos! Today we are going to be taking a look at the Universal Audio LA610. The UA LA 610 is a great piece of analog hardware that is preamp compressor combo. It…