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Dystopian Guitars an Enormous Hybrid Guitar Workshop for Film Scoring

Dystopian Guitars PulseSetter-Sounds sets the tone to stun with cool KONTAKT-hosted huge hybrid guitar factory for film scoring DYSTOPIAN GUITARS issued a unique kind of Kontakt library totaling 21.32 GB of highly-creative content designed to cover all modern hybrid guitar grounds for film scoring. DYSTOPIAN GUITARS achieves an extensive variety of sounds, from clear and…


Cello Ibrida – Quick Start & Video Manual

Cello Ibrida – Quick Start & Video Manual Guillermo Silberstein by PulseSetter-Sounds published a video manual to understand the Cello Ibrida engine.

PulseSetter Sounds Cello Ibrida

PulseSetter’s Cello Ibrida

Cello Ibrida – Sound Design Collection Cello Ibrida is a sound design cello sample library. This Kontakt instrument combines textural samples using the normal cello section with hybrid samples from those samples like pads, sfx, multisamples, and finally loops as pulses, sfx, mostly in the low/lower mids keys | left side of the keyboard. Plus…

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PulseSetter’s RE:COIL an Omnisphere 2.5 Soundset is Released

RE:COIL an Omnisphere 2.5 Soundset is Released Re:Coil is a cinematic Soundset for Omnisphere 2.5 based on string soundsources from its Core Library. Re:Coil contains patches made from violins, cello, guitar, cuatro and many odd devices which contain strings as the source. The onboard sound sources in Omnisphere are amazing and vast. The limit to only strings (mostly…

Hybrid Militia GUI Main

Hybrid Militia a Hybrid Scoring Toolkit

Hybrid Militia (Affiliate Link) is a broad compilation of Kontakt hybrid scoring instruments for media composers spanning categories like plucks, pads, loops, and drums. Sound designed samples include braams, hybrid synths with orchestral plucks, analog bass, processed cello loops and more. In addition to 500+ custom sequence patches using our 4 new multi-part note and…


REVERXIS a Free Sample Library for Cinematic Composers by PulseSetter

This free sample library for Cinematic Composers includes 80+ Kontakt (FULL) patches. Reverxis is a collection of reverse guitar sound design instruments to serve film composers in producing unprecedented textural and pulsating sounds for drama style scores. Each guitar loop was played, edited and manipulated to end up in reverse. There are 40 reverse loops…

Detonator Rage by Pulsesetter Sounds

“Detonator:Rage” Review – a Cinematic Sound Design Library by PulseSetter-Sounds

“Detonator:Rage” by PulseSetter-Sounds Review Detonator:Rage (Affiliate Link) is the initial library of the new RAGE line. Detonator:Rage (Affiliate Link) centers around aggressive & modern sound design for trailer music composers. PulseSetter-Sounds did send a review copy with no strings attached. There is an Intro Price ($89.99) for a limited time. About PulseSetter-Sounds PulseSetter-Sounds (PulseSetter LLC) is…

EPIC BABIES Unique hybrid scoring instruments by PulseSetter Sounds Ambience

EPIC BABIES – Unique hybrid scoring instruments by PulseSetter-Sounds

PulseSetter-Sounds has been known for making cinematic sound sets, but they have also been scoring and working in sound design for more than a decade in Los Angeles for countless film and TV. When PulseSetter-Sounds decided to finally start making sample libraries their personal life got in the way:  In less than a few months from…