Upgrade to Reason 12 screen

Upgrade to Reason 12

Reason 12 by Reason Studios As part of the Reason 12 rollout, Reason Studios today announced the release of an all-new version of the most popular Reason device—the Combinator. Together with an updated browser, high-resolution graphics, and the Mimic Creative Sampler, the new Combinator completes the release of Reason 12. Reason 12 Features Powerful virtual…

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Reason 12 Available September, 1st 2021

Reason Studios Announced the Release of Reason 12 Reason Studios announced the coming release of Reason 12. Reason 12. focuses on improving the Reason Rack, where music-makers can combine instruments and effects to find their own unique sound. The Reason Rack is used as a plugin wherever you make music. Reason 12 (Affiliate Link) had…

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Reason+ a New Subscription Service

Reason+ dares music makers to “Sound like you!” Reason Studios, trusted by some of the greatest producers in the world, introduces Reason+, a music making service designed to stimulate originality. Reason+ includes Reason Studios entire creative environment, always up to date. Additionally, music makers get a continual flow of inspiring Sound Packs—music making building blocks…

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Ghouls Just Want to Have Fun

Free creepy Sound Packs for Halloween Get your Halloween treat bag with these FREE Sound Packs for Reason—filled to the brim with creepy sounds for your best Halloween tunes. Halloween Monsters Sound Pack by Navi Retlav. Navi says: “I recorded and cut 120 samples which include tomato smashing, breaking corn, and fridge noises as a drone. There…

ES204 Filter Delay & Filter Chain X8187 by Ekssperimental Sounds

ES204 Filter Delay & Filter Chain X8187 by Ekssperimental Sounds

ES204 Filter Delay & Filter Chain X8187 Make magic with the Filter Chain X8187, which is no less than six exciting effects boxes in one unit. And add highly characteristic filtered delays with the ES204.  ES204 Voltage Controlled Filter & Digital Delay incorporates two filters with CV control in the feedback loop of a digital delay circuit with…

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Reason Summer of Sounds Producer Series: Acid & House

Acid and house producers —this ReFill bundle has been designed to jolt your creativity. Dive into the classic sounds of Acid and House with a dash of electro, just like the masters from Chicago and Detroit used to make them. Here’s everything you need from jackin’ drum rhythms to squelchy bass lines from the magic silver box….

Auto Tune Reason

Auto-Tune Reason

Auto-Tune Reason Adding Auto-Tune to your Reason rack opens up to entirely new uses for this era-defining effect. Get creative and unique results by combining Auto-Tune Reason with your other Reason devices. Auto-Tune Reason Features The signature Auto-Tune Effect Transparent natural-sounding pitch correction CV Note and Gate outputs for controlling Reason instruments with a vocal…

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Reason Studios Reason 11 Sale

Reason Studios Reason 11 Sale Make music the way you want with Reason 11 (Affiliate Link), now available as rack VST plugin within your DAW! Save up to 30% off (Affiliate Link), including upgrades. Reason Rack Plugin for Pro Tools was recently released. Version to choose from Reason 11 Upgrade from Intro / Ltd /…

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Reason Rack Plugin for Pro Tools

Reason Rack Plugin for Pro Tools We’re in a place right now where more people than ever use a vast variety of software, hardware, instruments, and objects to make music the way they want. Reason Rack Plugin is now available as an AAX plugin for Pro Tools! When Reason originally envisioned the Reason Rack Plugin….

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Granular Beats in Reason 11

Granular Beats in Reason 11 Paul Ortiz reveals how you can create your own custom drum machine using a Combinator and Grain.