Review of Cinematique Instruments Pandrum A Fantastic Handpan Instrument

Review of Cinematique Instruments’ Pandrum: A Fantastic Handpan Instrument

The Cinematique Instruments team has outdone themselves with their latest release, the Pandrum handpan instrument. This virtual instrument is an exceptional reproduction of a real handpan, and offers the ability to extremely extend and vary the entire sound by applying numerous features. There are versions for the Kontakt 5.68 full version as well as free…

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Review of Aquamarine by Muze

The library is ideal for movie soundtrack, electronic/ambient music, and video game creation. The sounds you can construct within and between each layer are virtually infinite. So, you’ve been working on your tracks for a while now but feel like something’s missing. You’ve tried all sorts of sounds and instruments but can’t seem to find…

Heirloom The Emotional Ensemble with a Beautiful Human Touch scaled

Heirloom: The Emotional Ensemble with a Beautiful Human Touch

There’s something special about Heirloom. They carry with them a sense of history, emotion, and personal connection that can’t be found in anything else. In the same way, Heirloom is an emotional ensemble with a beautiful human touch. Heirloom: The Emotional Ensemble with a Beautiful Human Touch A contemporary composition toolkit was formed by Keaton…

Audio Imperia Chorus Kontakt Choir Sample Library Review

Review of Audio Imperia Chorus | Kontakt Choir Sample Library Review

Let’s do a review of the new Kontakt Choir Sample Library Chorus by Audio Imperia. Review of Audio Imperia Chorus Audio Imperia presents the all-new Chorus library, recorded in collaboration with Performance Samples. This comprehensive collection contains 24 women’s and 24 men’s voices, with four mic positions and three ready-to-go mixes: Classic, Modern, and Scott…

Output Arcade Review

Review of Output Arcade 2.0: A Powerful Inspiration Machine

Output Arcade is an inspiration machine. It delivers new content that will help you boost your creativity and productivity every day. But that’s not all – Arcade also comes with a suite of tools to transform the content into sounds that are unique to you. The sound library has everything you need to make almost…

What Are the Best Reverb Pedals for Guitar?

What Are the Best Reverb Pedals for Guitar?

What are the best reverb pedals for guitar? The right reverb pedal can make all the difference when it comes to guitar. It can help you create different sounds and effects, making your playing more interesting and varied. It can also help you to better emulate the sound of a real acoustic space, making your…

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Review of Spitfire Appassionata Strings: The Most Alive String Legato Sound Available

Why do you need Spitfire Appassionata Strings? Perhaps you’re an aspiring musician who’s looking to add some passion to their compositions. Or maybe you’re a film composer looking for the perfect sound to bring your blockbuster movie to life. Whatever your reason maybe, if you’re looking for the most emotive and alive string legato sound…

"Maygyam" for Falcon 2: A Unique, Fantasy-Themed Soundset

Review of Maygyam for Falcon 2: A Unique, Fantasy-Themed Soundset

If you are looking for a unique, fantasy-themed soundset for Falcon 2, look no further than Maygyam! This set contains sound sources from many different recordings, all carefully edited and combined to create an imaginary world of sound. Whether you’re working on a game, film, or ambient music production, this soundset provides the perfect foundation…


Heavyocity Mosaic Leads Review: Elevating Analog Synth Leads into the Realm of Modern Scoring

Heavyocity Mosaic Leads is an impressive collection of synth leads. These sounds are perfect for modern scoring, and they elevate the sound of analog synths to a whole new level. Mosaic Leads has a wide selection of lead sources, from the Beauties to the Beasts, all designed to be used with its library of organic…

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Whack Out Those Kicks! Create Performances With Kitchenology – A Review of Kitchenology

So, in short, Kitchenology is a great tool for creating unique sounds using unusual sources, MIDI grooves, and IR samples. It’s perfect for sound design and composition, and its convolution reverbs will give your audio that extra bit of depth.