"Maygyam" for Falcon 2: A Unique, Fantasy-Themed Soundset

Review of Maygyam for Falcon 2: A Unique, Fantasy-Themed Soundset

If you are looking for a unique, fantasy-themed soundset for Falcon 2, look no further than Maygyam! This set contains sound sources from many different recordings, all carefully edited and combined to create an imaginary world of sound. Whether you’re working on a game, film, or ambient music production, this soundset provides the perfect foundation…


Heavyocity Mosaic Leads Review: Elevating Analog Synth Leads into the Realm of Modern Scoring

Heavyocity Mosaic Leads is an impressive collection of synth leads. These sounds are perfect for modern scoring, and they elevate the sound of analog synths to a whole new level. Mosaic Leads has a wide selection of lead sources, from the Beauties to the Beasts, all designed to be used with its library of organic…

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Whack Out Those Kicks! Create Performances With Kitchenology – A Review of Kitchenology

So, in short, Kitchenology is a great tool for creating unique sounds using unusual sources, MIDI grooves, and IR samples. It’s perfect for sound design and composition, and its convolution reverbs will give your audio that extra bit of depth.

Kicking with KICKTOM Building Back Better from the Bottom End

Kicking with KICKTOM – a Review: Building Back Better from the Bottom End

KICKTOM – a Review – The kick drum is arguably the most important instrument in any band. It can be used to provide a solid rhythm, or it can be the driving force behind the music that keeps everyone moving on the dance floor. The bassline is often considered the foundation of a song, and…

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Abbey Road Two – Review of Spitfire Audio & Abbey Road Studios Iconic Strings

The next version of Iconic Strings is finally here. Abbey Road Two has been released to the public, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about it! The sound of five of London’s best string players is captured on Abbey Road Two: Iconic Strings (V1, V2, Va, Cello, Bass). The two producers Spitfire Audio & Abbey…

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Review of Tokyo Scoring Strings The Only Japanese Studio Sound from Impact Soundworks

Tokyo Scoring Strings is a very beautiful sounding library. The sound quality is fantastic and it’s one of the most expressive libraries on Kontakt.

Zebra Refrakt Dark Edition

Zebra Refrakt Dark Edition by The Unfinished

Zebra Refrakt Dark Edition is a collection of 300 patches for Zebra2 and ZebraHZ. Refrakt explores a grittier, edgier side of modern action scoring, providing depth, distortion and dynamism. This sound set will take your epic cinematic or intense video game score to new depths with its gritty textures and aggressive sound design. Refrakt by…


A Review of Aperture: The Stack, Spitfire Audio’s Version of Wall-of-Amp Sound

The Aperture instrument from Spitfire Audio is a new take on the Wall-of-Amps sound. It’s not just an amp simulator, it’s an entire recording studio in one virtual instrument plugin! The Aperture: The Stack captures all of that great wall of amps sound while also providing backed-in compression, EQ, and distortion models to play with…

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Field Recording with the Zoom H1n in Bangkok

Can you record high-quality sound effects and ambience with the Zoom H1n? The answer is, YES you can! In this video, we go around Bangkok and I show you how to record with this tiny handheld recorder. Who are we? We’re Libby and Marcel, a full-time traveling couple recording unique sounds around the world! Follow…

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Unique Textural Cello Sample Library | Poiesis Cello by Sonora Cinematic

Let’s take a look at this unique textural cello sample library called Poiesis Cello by Sonora Cinematic.