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Review of SILIKA – Dual Diode Compressor | Kush Audio

SILIKA – Dual Diode Compressor | Kush Audio After 9 years in the plugin game, Kush can finally say without exaggeration that, at least for one particular flavor of vintage compressors that clip beautifully, we have completely closed the Analog/Digital gap. SILIKA is not ‘close’, it’s not ‘different but just as good’. According to Kush, it’s ‘Sonically…

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Eventide CrushStation Introductory Sale

Eventide CrushStation Introductory Sale Eventide CrushStation Introductory Sale (Affiliate Link) is running currently. Achieve diverse distortion and overdrive effects from creamy saturation to brutal sonic assault with CrushStation (Affiliate Link), the brand new multi-effect from Eventide.

Omega TWK ny Kush Audio

New Kush Omega TWK Plugin – Saturation and Distortion Based On ’70s Transistors

Omega TWK – 70’S TRANSISTOR CLIPPING Kush has just released a brand-new plugin — OMEGA MODEL TWK – 70’s TRANSISTOR CLIPPING!  OMEGA MODEL TWK – Thick 70’s Transistors is an lovely saturation and distortion generator pulled straight from the heart of Kush’s own Tweaker hardware compressor and represents Kush’s first foray into modeling solid-state distortion! Model…

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Goodhertz – Ghz 3.5.0 — Dark Mode, CanOpener upgrades, and more

Goodhertz updates Plugins to Version 3.5.0 Goodhertz has been working hard to enhance their plugins! From brand-new audio features in CanOpener, Vulf Compressor, and Wow Control, to brand-new visual features across the entire suite, Goodhertz has been optimizing and updating. To download version 3.5 immediately, go to Goodhertz downloads page. And here’s a breakdown of…


Front DAW Three Types of Saturation Effect Plugin from Soundevice Digital | UnitedPlugins

Front DAW Free for a limited time The digital world with its clarity and accuracy lacks some vibe from the old times. This is why English producer and remixer Greg Brimson, also United Plugins powered artist, approached Soundevice Digital | UnitedPlugins with his idea for a dream plugin. ‘Create a front door for every recording, and…

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TBProAudio released Channel Strip CS-5501

CS-5501 is a multi-functional channel strip providing all necessary tools to process all kind of audio signals like vocals and instruments. CS-5501 is the successor of the CS-3301. It keeps the smooth sound of CS-3301 and provides much more flexibility in all tracking and mixing situations. CS-5501 Features 2x 7 band EQ 2x noise gate/expander 2x compressor, VCA/FET/OPTP design 2x…


SketchCassette – Cassette Motivated Degradation Plugin by Aberrant DSP

Elliott Smith. Bruce Springsteen. Iron & Wine. Daniel Johnston. Wu-Tang Clan. All these artists have at one point in their career, either by choice or necessity, made use of a 4-track cassette recorder to capture their music. There is a sound to these cassette recordings that people tend to refer to in vague, almost mystical…

FabFilter Sale IMSTA Exclusive 1

FabFilter Sale (IMSTA Exclusive)

FabFilter Sale (IMSTA Exclusive) (Affiliate Link) is on this weekend only save up to 35% off a selection of the incredible FabFilter dynamic processors and creative effects including Pro-MB, Pro-C, Saturn and Timeless 2. FabFilter Sale FabFilter Saturn Distortion Unit (Affiliate Link) FabFilter Pro-MB (Affiliate Link) FabFilter Timeless 2 (Affiliate Link) FabFilter Pro-C 2 (Affiliate…

bx masterdesk Main

bx_masterdesk Review – Mastering for All and Complete Mastering Chain by Brainworx

bx_masterdesk by Brainworx is right fo you to enhance your final mix. For some non-professional mixer, it is an alternative to professional mastering service. For professional mastering houses and producer, this is a tool to produce outcomes in a short time with remarkable results.

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Goliath by Tone Empire Review

Goliath by Tone Empire Review Goliath is an effect plugin to shape the tone color through emulated analog saturation. There is also a special compressor effect included a so-called envelope shaper. All finished with an added EQ. As the plugin combines different effects into one plugin, it is similar to a retro channel strip. Beatskillz has launched…