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The Moog Experience

Artist Collaborations: Original Tracks & Visual Artwork Ever since analog synthesizer pioneer Bob Moog collaborated with composer and educator Herb Deutsch to develop the first Moog modular synthesizer in 1964, artist collaboration has been at the heart of Moog Music’s story. Moog’s creative team worked with various artists to develop original visuals, characters, learning tools,…

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Moog Music Introduces Complete Synthesizer Studio Experience

Moog Sound Studio Now Shipping Moog Sound Studio includes all the equipment, cables, accessories, and educational tools needed to enter the world of analog synthesis for the first time or continue to explore sound in an immersive new way. Now shipping. Developing the Moog Sound Studio Experience When Moog introduced its Mother-32 semi-modular analog synthesizer…

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The power of a simple sequencer for eurorack – with the Korg SQ-1

The power of the Korg SQ-1 Today we are going over some reasons why a simple sequencer like the Korg SQ-1 will add a lot of value to a eurorack or modular system. We start with a quick overview of the Korg SQ-1, and then we move on with a series of patch-tips, divided into…

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2600 – Turning to the Dark Side

Turning to the Dark Side The ARP 2600 has been on my bucket list since I was a kid but I don’t think I’d ever buy a dusty 70’s classic for 10K. I have room nor budget for it (or the Korg reissue) either. So when this particular 2600 came out, I could not resist….

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Make Noise New Semi-Modular Strega Fits into Eurorack

Make Noise New Semi-Modular Strega Make Noise’s new Strega module is the perfect way to add a touch of creativity and modulation to your Eurorack modular synth setup. With seven sources and thirteen destinations, this little powerhouse offers a wealth of possibilities for experimentation. And thanks to its rugged steel enclosure and small form factor,…

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System Lyra | Soma Lyra-8 processed by the MakeNoise Shared System

Soma Lyra-8 & MakeNoise Shared System Sure, Lyra-8 is cool on its own, but I personally feel it comes to life in a bigger system with modulation, filters and FX. So I started to give the mighty DPO a day off and use the Lyra-8 as the Shared System’s octal primary oscillator, the OPO. Less…

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Don & Bob | MakeNoise 0-Coast + Moog DFAM

MakeNoise 0-Coast + Moog DFAM I once read that Don Buchla and Bob Moog both invented modern synthesis while giving each other the honours of being first. There wasn’t any rivalry, they respected each other. The 0-coast doesn’t pick sides, it borrows a little from both Bob & Don. DFAM is pretty weird for Moog…

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Arbhar Harvesting – Part 02 | Moog Mother-32 | Arbhar Scan Mode

Arbhar Harvesting – Part 02 It took me a while, but here’s part 02 of the ‘harvesting’ series. In this series I like to granulate a module and see what comes out. I’ve been trying Plaits and Plonk before, but the results weren’t good enough to publish, so they will be covered later. However, the…

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Korg SQ-1 – Review, Introduction & Demo

Korg SQ-1 – Introduction, Demo & Review Check out our Korg SQ1 review and demonstration with and ‘Nathan Cleary Music!’ featuring a deep dive through some of the features, sounds, pros, and cons of the unit. Begin with a quick overview and discussion about the unit, followed by a quick tour of the main…

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Synth Jam – A Day On Mars

A Day On Mars Join me for a day out on Mars as we will follow those smart little robots Spirit Rover and Curiosity as they discover the Red Planet. This Saturday Jam starts with an ambient wave sequence from the Korg Wavestate followed by a thumping beat from the AE Modular. The final part…