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StrongMocha Acquires Trailerheroes.Com Domain

StrongMocha Acquires Trailerheroes.Com Domain

StrongMocha has announced the acquisition of the domain, a website that provides information on movie trailers and trailer sound design. The company plans to use the integrated website as a resource for its customers and to provide information on film trailers’. With the acquisition of this domain, StrongMocha continues its mission of providing quality…

BOOM CreaturesHumanoid YouTube Thumbnail

CREATURES HUMANOID: Bone-Chilling Creature Sounds for Your Horror Productions

Looking for bone-chilling creature sounds for your horror productions? Look no further than CREATURES HUMANOID by BOOM Library. This collection of sound effects features horrifying screams, bone-rattling growls, and drool-dripping snarls that will leave your audiences gripping the edge of their seats. With over 1,000 high-quality sound effects, you’re sure to find the perfect sounds…

DEBIRD Review The AI Powered Tool to Remove Bird Sounds from Your Recordings

Review of DEBIRD by BOOM Library: The AI-Powered Tool to Remove Bird Sounds from Your Recordings

If you’ve ever tried to record nature sounds, you know that birds can be a real nuisance. Their chirping and tweeting can easily drown out the sounds of wind or water that you’re trying to capture. Until now, the only solution was to spend hours editing your recordings in an audio editor, trying to remove…

Boom Librarys Enforcer Sale Your All Sub Bass Power House

Boom Library’s Enforcer Sale: Your All-Sub-Bass Power House

Do you need some serious low-end power in your life? If so, then you need to check out Boom Library’s Enforcer! This easy-to-use bass plug-in adds an irresistible punch, powerful body, and a rigorous low-end bass impulse to your samples. Boom Library’s Enforcer Sale: Your All-Sub-Bass Power House You can heavily beef up sounds or…

MACABRE BUNDLE by SampleTraxx 9 Horror SoundPacks 2200 Horror Sound Effects

MACABRE BUNDLE by SampleTraxx: 9 Horror SoundPacks – 2200+ Horror Sound Effects

A well-done horror film is designed to get your heart racing and keep you on the edge of your seat. Part of what makes these movies so suspenseful is the way that they use sound to create an anxious atmosphere. The score might feature a low, persistent hum that sets your teeth on edge, while…

Habit by Chase Bliss A Happy Accident Machine

Habit by Chase Bliss: A Happy Accident Machine

In this video, I check out the new Habit pedal by Chase Bliss. It’s an experimental delay pedal that allows you to randomly re-introduce audio from the last three minutes into your current music.

The NEW Drinking Piano 2.0 Tuned and Untuned Pianos Bench Creaks Plucks Pedal Noises SFX Atmospheric Pads Drones Evolving

The NEW Drinking Piano 2.0: Tuned and Untuned Pianos, Bench Creaks, Plucks, Pedal Noises, SFX, Atmospheric Pads, Drones, Evolving Textures!

Welcome to the NEW Drinking Piano 2.0! This upgraded version has been remastered with fresh new sounds that will give your music a boost. In addition to tuned and untuned pianos, you’ll find bench creaks, plucks, pedal noises, SFX, 3 categories of atmospheric pads, drones, evolving textures and more! Soundiron also included a flexible four-layer…

Kilohearts Updates the Entire Kilohearts Ecosystem to v2

Kilohearts Version 2 – Get AMAZING Cinematic Sound Design

Kilohearts has released the eagerly awaited v2 update to its entire ecosystem of music production tools. This update is focused mainly on modulation, introducing new modulators, and incorporating the Phase Plant modulation system into Multipass and Snap Heap. This opens up dramatically increased possibilities for dynamic modular effects creation. If you’re a producer, musician, or…

Panflow by Audiomodern Creative Panning Rhythmical Evolving Fluid Motion Panflow Mockup Mac 01

Panflow by Audiomodern: Creative Panning, Rhythmical Evolving Fluid Motion

Audiomodern Panflow is a creative panner plug-in that helps you to shape complex, evolving panning patterns and add random, rhythmical movement to any audio track in real-time. With Panflow, you can create instant fluid motion with precise stereo editing, using an easy-to-use interface and powerful pattern editor. Whether you’re looking to add some extra interest…

SOFA SMASH Sound Foley The Ultimate Sound Effects Library for Creating Practical Destruction Sounds by Hissandaroar

SOFA SMASH Sound Foley: The Ultimate Sound Effects Library for Creating Practical Destruction Sounds by Hissandaroar

In filmmaking, the sound is often just as important as visual elements. The right soundtrack can set the tone for a scene, create suspense, or provide comic relief. This sound library offers a variety of suspended tension hits that can add an extra layer of excitement to your next film score or trailer music. You…