Easy Cello Songs for Beginners Fun and Simple Tunes to Start With 1

Easy Cello Songs for Beginners: Fun and Simple Tunes to Start With

Are you a beginner cellist? Are you looking for easy cello songs to learn and play? If so, you have come to the right place! This blog post will discuss some fun and simple tunes that are perfect for beginners. These songs are easy to learn, and they sound great when played on the cello….

Lyric Series String Quintet

Lyric Series String Quintet: Native Instruments Kontakt Library for Melodic Lines

Looking for an easy-to-use string quintet library that will provide melodic lines right out of the box? Look no further than Lyric Series String Quintet by Kirk Hunter Studios. This library was developed in the Native Instruments Kontakt engine and delivers the finest quality sampled sound with extremely detailed user control. Whether you’re a film…

FOUNDATIONS Staccato Strings A Powerful Rhythmic Starting Point for Your Next Composition 1

FOUNDATIONS | Staccato Strings: A Powerful Rhythmic Starting Point for Your Next Composition

If you’re looking for a powerful rhythmic starting point for your next composition, look beyond our newest library – FOUNDATIONS | Staccato Strings. STACCATO STRINGS is part of Heavyocity’s FOUNDATIONS line of professional-quality free instruments. FOUNDATIONS was created to introduce all music makers to the dynamic world of cinematic sound. The STACCATO STRINGS is a…

LSS Solo Strings The blog clicked

Aria Sounds LSS Solo Strings Library: 16GB of Detailed Samples of Violin, Viola, Cello, and Double Bass

Looking for a high-quality solo strings library? Look no further than LSS Solo Strings by Aria Sounds. This 16GB sample library comprises meticulously sampled solo violin, viola, cello, and double bass instruments. These instruments were sampled in a large beautiful concert hall, with many microphones, making up four main, mixable mic perspectives – close mono,…

Sweet Acoustic Textures Viola: A Virtual Instrument and Random Acoustic Textures Generator

Sweet Acoustic Textures Viola: A Virtual Instrument and Random Acoustic Textures Generator

If you’re looking for some new acoustic textures to add to your music, Sweet Acoustic Textures – Viola (by inouï samples) is the perfect virtual instrument for you! This software offers a wide range of sounds that can be used in a variety of ways, depending on your needs. You can also use it to…

Cinematic Frozen Strings Sound from The Ice smc0453 letterbox scaled

Cinematic Frozen Strings – Sound from The Ice

Welcome to the world of Spitfire Audio Originals! Here you’ll find a collection of Spitfire Audio’s most popular orchestral library, Cinematic Frozen Strings. Cinematic Frozen Strings: Spitfire Audio Originals Winter blues will be vanquished with a sampled smorgasbord of low-level musical magic inspired by the icy atmospheric tones of the sound-specializing British music technology company’s…

Spitfire Audio AR2 Recording band1

Abbey Road Two – Review of Spitfire Audio & Abbey Road Studios Iconic Strings

The next version of Iconic Strings is finally here. Abbey Road Two has been released to the public, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about it! The sound of five of London’s best string players is captured on Abbey Road Two: Iconic Strings (V1, V2, Va, Cello, Bass). The two producers Spitfire Audio & Abbey…

Tokyo Scoring Strings Square Logo

Review of Tokyo Scoring Strings The Only Japanese Studio Sound from Impact Soundworks

Tokyo Scoring Strings is a very beautiful sounding library. The sound quality is fantastic and it’s one of the most expressive libraries on Kontakt.

Tokyo Scoring Strings Orchestral String Library for Impact Soundworks Recorded at Sound City

Tokyo Scoring Strings: Orchestral String Library for Impact Soundworks, Recorded at Sound City

Tokyo Scoring Strings is a library of orchestral strings, recorded at Sound City. This incredible recording studio has over 60 years of history and was the place where Nirvana’s “Nevermind” album was mixed. The string section features different sections for violins, violas, cellos, and double basses with close mics as well as ambient room sounds….

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How To Record Violins (And Not Spend A Lot)

How To Record Violins In this video, I talk about how to record violins on a budget. The track from this video can be found here. The microphones I mentioned in this video are: Rode M5 (Cheap but still decent) Rode NT5 (Medium + slightly better) Coles 4038 (Best, but most expensive)