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New Workshops Season at SchneidersLaden

SchneidersLaden Launches the next workshop season The weekly workshops at SchneidersLaden are suitable for musicians, artists, and everyone interested in the generation of electronic sounds. On February 13th SchneidersLaden begins a new workshop series that will run until the end of March. Exciting guests are announced, such as IO Instruments from Berlin, who will open the event series. IO Instruments are a…

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ThreeTom Modular releases Steve’s MS-22

Steve’s MS-22 dual VCF Module for Eurorack The MS-22 is a dual voltage controlled filter. The Eurorack Filter was inspired by the classic Korg MS-20 filter, with an innovative modulation matrix and one of the highest function-to-hp ratios in the land of Eurorack. MS-22 uniqueness The MS-22 contains two dedicated filter circuits, one low-pass, and…

Vult DSP Freak VCF

Freak Filter New Beta Firmware

Freak Filter Firmware v2.0 (Beta 2) Freak firmware v2.0-beta-2 includes Dual-mode (available since beta-1) New filter: Boomstick – Sallen-Key filter Possibility of selecting a distortion. The algorithms come from the Debriatus module and provide wave folding, bit crushing, saturation and distortion.  Availability and How to Update You can download the firmware here:

E300 Ultra VCO

E300 Ultra VCO Ready for Pre-Order and Available Nov. 15th, 2019

E300 Ultra VCO Available Nov. 15th, 2019 The E300 Ulta VCO is based on the 5U MOTM-300 VCO with improved enhancements and added features. Introduced in 2000, the MOTM-300 was based on a sawtooth core designed by Dave Rossum and used in the EMu modular. The E300 still uses precision, low drift resistors, adding improved C0G ceramic…

Zero Point Oscillator ZPO

Zero Point Oscillator (ZPO) – Not your typical VCO

Zero Point Oscillator Available Soon The Zero Point Oscillator is not your typical analog VCO or even your standard Thru-Zero FM VCO for that matter. The core of the ZPO was developed through countless hours of experimentation involving Through-Zero modulation techniques. Through-Zero FM is a form of frequency modulation that produces much deeper and useful…

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Upcoming Modular Beginner Workshop at SchneidersLaden

Modular Beginner Workshop at SchneidersLaden SchneidersLaden is offering more workshops for modular beginners. Pricing and Dates Participation is free-of-charge. Every Thursday at 6 pm at the SchneidersLaden Showroom for a workshop – or every weekday between noon – 7 pm. MODULAR BEGINNER WORKSHOP // Thursday 6pm on 24. October 2019 18:00 MODULAR BEGINNER WORKSHOP // Thursday 6pm on…

Eurorack and AE Modular

DIY Projects for AE Modular

Increasing AE Modular DIY Projects The DIY projects for AE Modular are developing more stimulating and more active. AE Modular allows you to add new ideas and concepts by using just a handful of tools and allow your creative mond to get lost. Creativity is the key to innovation and Creates new ideas by using…

AE Modular Module Documentation

AE Modular Module Documentation

AE Modular Module Documentation Enhanced The new AE Modular Module Documentation Wiki is now the main source of information about all things AE Modular. This wiki is now the principal and centralized documentation for all the modules and other parts of the AE Modular system. AE Modular Module Documentation Wiki When you are looking for…

AE Modular Oct 2019 News

New AE Modular Modules: SLEW/EDGE & MM-DIVIDER

SLEW/EDGE & MM-DIVIDER Released and NYLE Filter Updated Two new crucial modules have been just released for your AE Modular System. Just in time before the next wave of new modules will become available in November. SLEW/EDGE SLEW/EDGE is a combination of slew limiter and detection of rising/falling edges of CV’s.  The SLEW/EDGE module has…

UB A4 005

Unicorn Boom – a Eurorack Compressor and BassDrum

UNICORN BOOM is now available. The module is a discrete BassDrum and Opto Compressor. The vendor describes its “primary function is a homage to the legendary 808-Kick (discrete circuitry) augmented by a vactrol-based, opto compressor. Most of all it’s designed to be hacked, bent and modified to enable you to shape your very own signature…