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Moebius Soundset for Roland Jupiter 8 emulation TAL J 8

Moebius Soundset for Roland Jupiter 8 emulation TAL-J-8

Moebius Soundset for TAL-J-8 Moebius is a new collection of 140 presets for the great Roland Jupiter 8 emulation TAL-J-8 by Togu Audio Line. The TAL-J-8 is a very accurate emulation of the popular 80’s hardware synthesiser and calibrated after our own Jupiter 8 device. Inspired by the soundtracks of Summer 84, The Knick and Stranger Things and the music of Le Matos, John Carpenter and Boards of Canada. Moebius is all about the 80s soundtracks, dark and suspenseful with…

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Luftrum 24 a Soundset for TAL J-8

Luftrum 24 for TAL J-8 Luftrum 24 contains 148 presets for TAL J-8 which is an emulation of the iconic Jupiter-8 hardware synth from 1981. The presets cover a wide range of genres from synthwave to 90s French house to ambient and synthpop. You can get the soundbank plus a 40% discount code to TAL…

TAL-Chorus-LX Video Review

TAL-Chorus-LX Video Review To start off – It’s Free! TAL are known for many of their great plugins. The best part? A bunch of their plugins are free and are great choices even in comparison to paid plugins. TAL has definitely carved a place for themselves in the industry and you don’t even need to…

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TAL-Filter-II Review and Tutorial

TAL-Filter-II Review and Tutorial Filter VST’s are a popular plugin for many musicians, engineers, and producers. Being able to carve out sections of high and low frequencies in a mix really helps get rid of “muddy” sounds in the track. An envelope filter VST can also be used creatively to add unexpected flair to your…

Ghosts Wallpaper

Ghosts by Empty Vessel for TAL Sampler

The Ghosts library for the TAL Sampler is the result of the continuing fascination of Empty Vessel with the imperfection of all types, the bruises, and battle-scars, the ghosts, and dust which are inherently missing quite often from software instruments and ITB production. Empty Vessel is Greg and his cat. He creates a set of playable,…


TAL Vocoder Review [Professional Version]

This plugin is super cool and useful if you do any kind of modern vocal production or if you use old-school 80’s style big synth sounds. Best part? IT’S FREE! There is no reason to not download it and try it out for yourself. The TAL Vocoder provides a ton of character to your tracks….

VPS Avenger: Synth Motions – Drum Edition

Synth Motions – Drum for VPS Avenger Synth Motions – Drum for VPS Avenger was released by Particular Sound. As Synthwave music was popular in the 80s, drum computers like the Roland TR808, the LinnDrum, the Korg Minipops or Oberheim DX were used very often. Now Synthwave music is becoming even more popular and we…