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Let’s explore Dawesome Abyss Synth Plugin by Tracktion

In this video, let’s explore the synth plugin Dawesome Abyss by Tracktion

Waveform Pro 11.5 Now Available w11 workstation hero slide1 v2

Waveform Pro 11.5 Now Available

Waveform Pro 11.5 Now Available – 40% Upgrade Sale Designed for the needs of modern music producers, this deeply capable DAW is a suite of tools that is powerful, intuitive, and even more user-friendly. With this major update, Waveform Pro 11.5 introduces a new audio engine, reduces CPU load, improves delay compensation, and increases overall…

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Tracktion’s Black Friday​ Sale

Tracktion’s Black Friday​ Tracktion’s Black Friday​ sale is here! Purchase any software license and SAVE 50%. Use the discount code: BLACKFRIDAY2020 – Enter code during checkout.

Waveform 11 Update Available

Tracktion’s Waveform 11 Update Available

Waveform 11.1.0 There have been a lot of improvements since the original release of Waveform 11 earlier this year. Tracktion has been busy working away and are now up to version 11.1.0. If you haven’t upgraded to the latest version, you are missing out. This version packs a ton of stability and performance improvements so make…


Tracktion Collective Beta Maxed Sound Pack

Tracktion Collective Beta Maxed Sound Pack Take it to the max and slam dance your way through this late ’80s inspired sound pack. Bringing the lush pads, iconic drums, and heavy synth riffs that spawned so many memorable soundtracks and questionable fashion moments! This is a soundset of Collective. Collective is a powerful sampler and…

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Waveform Pro: pre-order and Save 30%

Waveform Pro: pre-order and Save 30% What’s New In Waveform Cutting edge contemporary DAW designed for musicians. Improved UI/UX with user-customizable actions and layouts. Multi-screen and touch screen management. Inspirational MIDI composition tools. WAVEFORM PRO Pre-Order Get ready, Waveform Pro is coming soon! Pre-order your upgrade today and SAVE 30% off the regular pricing. You…

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Waverazor v2.1.6 Update Now Available

Waverazor v2.1.6 by Tracktion Tracktion released Waverazor v2.1.6 which is now available in the Tracktion Marketplace, and as a free update for current Waverazor 2 owners. Version 2.1.6 features some additional patch polishing, and a fix to a chorus bug that made a few presets seem like they had a rising pitch envelope release. It also marks…

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Tracktion Waveform to the Power of Pi – 30% Sale

30% Tracktion Sitewide Flash Sale Waveform running on Pi makes for an awesome compact editing rig. Raspberry Pi 4 is now shipping – it features a CPU almost 4 times faster than the model 3 CPU and up to 4 GB of RAM. We’ve released new versions of Waveform, Collective and DAW Essentials Collection that…

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Tracktion End of Summer Blowout Sale

Summer is coming to a close, but the features in Waveform and Tracktion new plugin offerings continue to expand. Combine this sale with the custom bundle option to save even more – up to 60% combined savings. SPACECRAFT Make sure to checkout SPACECRAFT – GRANULAR SYNTH. SPACECRAFT is one of the top synths recently released.  SpaceCraft Granular…

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SpaceCraft Granular Synth 1.0.33 Beta Version Available

The new SpaceCraft Granular Synth version 1.0.33 beta is now available. New in this version Added new LFO types: reverse saw, pulse random and smooth random Added stereo phase slider (make mono samples stereo and makes stereo samples sound more stereo!) Preset backward compatibility (now fully compatible with older format presets for all sliders) Fixed…