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Effective Trailer Pulses From Federico Soler Fernandez

Effective Trailer Pulses Effective Trailer Pulses is a strong set of pulsating elements and complex cinematic sequences featuring dynamic synth textures, evolving futuristic soundscapes, hybrid trailer pulses, and percussive sound design. Effective Trailer Pulses Details Number of Files: 67 High-Quality WAVS (01:02:33) Size Unpacked: 1 GB Sample Rate: 48kHz/24bit Other Info: Meta-Tagged (Soundly) AGS: pulse,…

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New – Clockworks – Clock Loops and Mechanism

SampleTraxx released Clockworks an innovative sound collection of ticking metal and wooden clocks, designed watch and old clock, large mechanism, retro rusty clock, and mechanical gears. Create up and downtempo metronomic ticking time pass and hypnotizing ticking cues, uneasy ticking tick-tock, the design gradually building clockworks, dark pulsating ticking clock, metallic clicks that build tension. SampleTraxx Clockworks features…

Elemental Logo Openers by Cinetools Elemental LO home

Elemental Logo Openers by Cinetools

Elemental Logo Openers Released Elemental Logo Openers (Affiliate Link) features 200 ready-to-use elemental sound effects for audio logo construction perfectly suitable for any kind of motion video projects – such as openers, animation videos, animated logos, corporate/business branding, intros & outros, company/product logo reveals, explainer videos, infographics, presentations, after effects videos and many more. A…

STRAYLIGHT by Native Instruments Cubase and using TouchOSC 1

Straylight Review – a Granular Library on Steroids by Native Instruments (NI)

Straylight is an outstanding library full of inspiring lush pads, soundscapes, and ambient beds. It is perfect when you look for vibes that add movement and emotions to your scene you compose for in your next project.


Ethera Gold by Zero-G is now available

Ethera Gold has been released is an amazing all-new, powerful set of instruments. The perfect new tool for creating soundtracks, cinematic music, epic music trailers and any music requiring fantastic solo vocals and powerful, inspirational, hybrid wavetable synth sounds. The samples included in this Ethera Gold Kontakt library are completely new and unique to this…

Collision FX – Cinematic Scoring Tool by SoundYeti Rises

Collision FX – Cinematic Scoring Tool by SoundYeti 30% OFF

Collision FX – Cinematic Scoring Tool delivers an exceptional palette of sounds to design, compose, score, sweeten and create astonishingly impressive cinematic elements that absolutely get noticed. Create breathtaking cinematic sounds, hybrid sound effects and orchestrated elements with ease. Includes KONTAKT Player – Nothing else to buy – Ready to use out of the box….

Detonator Rage by Pulsesetter Sounds

“Detonator:Rage” Review – a Cinematic Sound Design Library by PulseSetter-Sounds

“Detonator:Rage” by PulseSetter-Sounds Review Detonator:Rage (Affiliate Link) is the initial library of the new RAGE line. Detonator:Rage (Affiliate Link) centers around aggressive & modern sound design for trailer music composers. PulseSetter-Sounds did send a review copy with no strings attached. There is an Intro Price ($89.99) for a limited time. About PulseSetter-Sounds PulseSetter-Sounds (PulseSetter LLC) is…

The Effective Trailer Bundle

The Effective Trailer Bundle by Federico Soler Fernández Review

The Effective Trailer Bundle by Federico Soler Fernández Review Federico who created is The Effective Trailer collection is a University Sound Technician graduated from the National University of Tucumán, Argentina. He completed advanced Mixing and Mastering courses with Latin Grammy Award nominee Eng. Pablo Rabinovich and has taken courses with AES former President, Andrés Mayo….


Evenant Launched Brand New, Kick-ass Trailer Music Course Trailer Music Redefined

The Definite Guide To Composing, Orchestrating And Producing Massive Trailer Music Trailer Music Redefined is an 8-Module journey taking you through the most fundamental skills, insights, and workflows in the fields of orchestral, sound design and hybrid trailer music. This course is aimed towards aspiring professionals in the music industry wanting to learn how to…