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The United Plugins Guitar Bundle: Electric, Acoustic and Bass Guitar Mixing

Are you looking for a guitar mixing solution? Look no further, because the United Plugins Guitar Bundle has got you covered! This bundle includes Electrum – an all-in-one electric guitar plugin, QuickAG – an acoustic guitar mixing plugin, and QuickBass – a bass guitar mixing plugin. DIFIX is also included, which is a plugin that…

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Urban Puncher Adds Easily ‘Punch’ to Drum Loops

Urban Puncher a effectively as a one-knob tool to add percussive ‘punch’ United Plugins is proud to announce the availability of Urban Puncher — provided as the latest plug-in from founding partner SounDevice Digital, effectively acting as a one-knob tool to easily add ‘punch’ to drum loops (as intended) or, indeed, anything that can conceivably…

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United Plugins’ New JMG Sound Expanse 3D Psychoacoustic Processing Tool

Psychoacoustic Processing Tool Expanse 3D Expanse 3D — the latest plug-in from founding partner JMG Sound, this time taking advantage of the latest developments in psychoacoustic processing, promoting super-massive-sounding music-making by effectively exploding tracks in three different dimensions to make them sound deeper, wider, and bigger. It is widely accepted, flat-earthers notwithstanding, that the world is not…

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QuickBass – All-in-one bass solution

QuickBass – Bigger, Fatter The petite, independent development teams federation United Plugins released QuickBass. QuickBass bringing the fruits of an already acclaimed cross-brand collaboration between FireSonic (with its always-searching-for-a-shortcut attitude) and SounDevice Digital (forever fine-tuning tools based on the long-term experience of mixing various recordings in its namesake SounDevice Studio) to bear upon the lower frequencies…

Voxessor – Excellent Voice-Over in Post

Voxessor United Plugins announces the availability of SounDevice Digital-developed Voxessor voiceover-perfecting plug-in par excellence. Voxessor is the latest plug-in from founding partner SounDevice Digital, dedicated to achieving a perfect voiceover in next to no time thanks to all voice treatment processes (such as compression, equalization, and saturation) being easily accessible alongside several shortcuts. A voice…


DIFIX – United Plugins First Electric Guitar-Oriented Plugin

United Plugins First Electric Guitar-Oriented Plugin United Plugins released SounDevice Digital’s DIFIX — deploying several sophisticated independent processes to triumph over audio interface imperfections arising from their instrument input impedance not significantly being as high as claimed when trying to immediately record electric guitar or bass (which would possibly result in a dull sound with…

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United Plugins Black Friday Sale

United Plugins Black Friday Sale United Plugins create thoughtful, powerful and intuitive software for music production. Save up to 80% off a selection of their plugins in this early Black Friday Sale

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FireSonic Releases FireCharger

FireSonic’s FireCharger United Plugins released FireCharger — a universal processing plug-in from founding partner FireSonic with an intelligent algorithm for spectral charging and instantly bettering the sound, including emulations of analog tape and advanced exciters. FireSonic feels compelled to create smart, easy-to-use tools that can be put to good use on any track to make…

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United Plugins Introduces Transmutator

Transmutator by United Plugins Transmutator is an innovative crossfader that lets users transition from original track sound to a sidechain track sound using one of 16 special effects. It is an audio alternative to video transition effects.  The small, independent development teams federation United Plugins is proud to announce the availability of Transmutator — a…

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United Plugins Quick AG Introductory Sale

United Plugins Quick AG Sale Quick AG is the shortcut to achieving a perfect and natural sound for your acoustic instruments. Although it looks easy, mixing acoustic guitar, ukulele or mandolin is a very hard job. So many things can go wrong. That’s why Instant Audio created Quick AG – the shortcut to the perfect and…