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Rick Beato Book and Ear Training: How to Learn Music Theory and Improve Your Musical Ear

Rick Beato Book and Ear Training: How to Learn Music Theory and Improve Your Musical Ear

Many people believe that you need to have a “natural talent” for music in order to excel, but the reality is that musical ability is largely dependent on practice and understanding. In other words, anyone can learn music theory and improve their musical skills simply by studying and applying the concepts. Of course, some people…

What I Do when I’m Not Recording (getting Lost and Buying a New Sony A7IV)

So many obstacles in one day but we had fun! Come along with us as we explore Bangkok (the local way) to get our LATEST piece of gear!

Making Money with Sound Recordings? Your Chance for 2022!

Can you make money with field recording and live a lifestyle that allows you to travel the world, have financial freedom, and live a life on your own terms and rules? In this video, we’ll talk all about it…

Presonus ends the template discussion | Studio One 5 tutorial

I mean it, for me personally, Presonus ends the template discussion. In case, you are one of those people that don’t know if a template makes sense or not if you would like to be flexible and don’t want to be limited in your creativity, check out this Studio One 5 tutorial.

How do you find work as a composer? | Trailer Music, Video Games, Music Business

How do you find work as a composer? Okay, talking straight from my heart here. I wanted to address this very important topic that I consider important music business advice. No matter if you want to work in trailer music, video games or the music business in general.

Camino de Santiago Packing List AFTER the Camino

I did it. After 28 days I finished the Camino Frances from Saint Jean Pied de Port and across Spain to Santiago de Compostela and this video I show you my real Camino packing list. The main gear we feature in this video! Gregory Backpack Paragon 58 Black Diamond Storm 400 Lumen Light BeeFree Drink…

Don’t do this if you’re trying to find work | Video game and trailer music business

Video Game and Trailer Music Business Please, don’t do this if you’re trying to find work in the video game and trailer music business. In this video, I want to get you guys a bit more involved and I picked out three previous comments and talked about them.

Best Power Bank & Correct Usb Cable for Sound Devices Mix Pre 6ii

This video shows how you can link and power all channels on the MixPre 6ii using the correct USB cable. Also, I recommend using a power bank that will charge USB-C to USB-C because that way you won’t run into any issues powering the Sound Devices MixPre 6ii Anker PowerCore III Elite 26K – Check… Spaceship | Episode 13 | Cockpit 1U, Golden Master 1U & Milky Way 1U

Today the 1U modules are launched and I had the privilege to make a launch video. If you have an Intellijel 1U row in your case, you may find this video of interest. If not, you may need one! made the modules compatible with Intellijel case outputs and I happen to have a…

Healing Solfeggio Frequencies with Mordax Data & BitBox

Just looking at the number of plays a typical Healing Frequency video gets, I’d say they’re in high demand and highly appreciated. So in this video I wanted to share some tips and tools so you can make your own scales and tunings, and maybe turn your modular into a spa/wellness center to make people…

The Bat Verb | Part 08 | Lacrima Versio

Please note, I am preparing for my first live gig ever, so I have to cut down on the video release frequency a bit. If you’re near Utrecht/Holland, I’ll be in the ModulationxUnCloud opening show at October 30, 2021. This week, two new firmware for the Noise Engineering Versio platform were released: Melotus and Lacrima….

Loopop Mega Contest

Here’s my take on Mr. Loopop’s amazing Superbooth 2021 ‘Unreleased Synth Sample Pack Mega Contest’. Make sure you give it a try too because there are super prizes to win. Check out the linked video above for the rules and the downloads. Please note you can ONLY use sounds from the pack, no other sources….

Ephemere | Dual CV Recorder | by Patching Panda

éphémère (french for ‘short-lifespan’) is a dual-channel CV recorder that can record, sync, splice, and playback two independent modulation sources. It supports unipolar and bipolar ranges, but also audio rate sources. It can record up to 4 secs of audio in 44,1K if you wish to allow access to some ‘musique concrete’ applications. Finally, the…

Modular World Patch-On Techno Challenge

On September 16th, ModularWorld launched the first worldwide (modular) TECHNO challenge and I was happy to be part of it. I am not sure if I can join all forthcoming Patch-On shows, but I’d like to commit to all challenges just for fun and inspiration. So maybe I’ll see you next time on ModularWorld. If…

Melotus Versio | The Bat Verb | Part 09

It took me a while to figure out the Melotus Versio, which was recently introduced by Noise Engineering as a granular texturizer. The name refers to both a badger (animal) and a cactus. It sits somewhere between a grain delay and a texture synth (clouds), but with the unmistakeable touch of Stephen and Kris who…

Soma Laboratories Pulsar-23 | Wonderfully Uncomfortable

The fantasy is always better than the real thing. Or is it? I’ve been waiting for my Pulsar-23 for months and it arrived yesterday. I had this sound in my head after playing with my Mutable case, but the real thing felt dull, uncomfortable, and sonically cramped at a first patch. The 23 is nothing…

A Tip for Reverb – ERs & LRs

Sound Examples With EAReverb 2

The first chunk of examples were all using the Natural Studio A preset.

Plugin Spotlight – EAReverb 2

Whether you’re looking to add new layers of music to your work or create entire pieces from scratch, these powerful tools will give you the power and flexibility you need to get the job done. So why not give them a try today and see what they can do for your music? Start with a…

U-he Diva: Noir Preset Walkthrough (Dark Synthpop Presets) – Tom Wolfe

U-he Diva: Noir Preset Walkthrough (Dark Synthpop Presets) – Tom Wolfe Noir is a collection of 100 synthpop presets for U-he Diva, with a dark, brooding character. Inspired by artists such as Depeche Mode, Gary Numan, Chvrches, and Gunship, Noir explores the dark side of synthpop. Using Diva’s powerful analog modeling, this soundbank is full of…

Why your trailer music track gets rejected | Two Steps from Hell Collapsing Solar System

Let’s talk about why your trailer music track gets rejected. As an example, I will use my Two Steps from Hell track Collapsing Solar System from the album Chaos Theory.

How I make 6900 EUR of additional income per month as a composer | Additional income ideas

In this video, I want to talk about how I make 6900 EUR of additional income per month as a composer with non-music writing projects. This video isn’t meant to brag around nor sound like a show-off. All I want to do is to inspire, help and motivate you. Here are some additional and passive…

How to make your own custom hybrid drum loops | Music production

In this video, let’s dive into some music production in Studio One and Kontakt 6 and find out how to make your own custom hybrid drum loops. In this example, I am using The Workbench by Harald Salaun

Too Late to Mine Crypto – Should I still try to mine cryptos or Is it too late?

If you are just getting started in the cryptocurrency world, it can be difficult to figure out what coin is worth mining. Cryptocurrencies require time and energy to mine, so if you pick the wrong one then your efforts may not produce any rewards. Cryptocurrency’s market value fluctuates constantly which makes it difficult to determine…

Easy method to writing epic trailer music

Let’s get into an easy method to writing epic trailer music. Most of the time, new music composers overthink the process, try to make it too complicated, and then try to save the muddy mix with the mastering.


In the past we made a video about “How much YouTubers make with 10000” and now that we reached over 20000, its time to make an update. I promise you if you have watched the previous one, you might be surprised.

How To Set Up Schoeps DMS For Sound Devices Mix Pre6ii (Plus Headphone Routing)

How To Set Up Schoeps DMS In this video, I show you how I set up the Sound Devices MixPre 6ii to make it all work with the Schoeps DMS set. I also show you 3 different and customizable headphone matrixes.


In this video, we show you all the bags we are using while traveling across the world! We’re Libby and Marcel, a full-time traveling couple recording unique sounds around the world! Follow us as we go to different destinations, showcasing new audio gear, and providing tips and tricks for field recording and sound editing!

The Most Expensive Microphones & Audio Gear Kit I Ever Bought

My newest field recording equipment which I’m using to record new sounds all across the world! My most expensive field recording kit is worth $9000. Who are we? We’re Libby and Marcel, a full-time traveling couple recording unique sounds around the world! Follow us as we go to different destinations, showcasing new audio gear, and…

My favorite FREE Synth Plugins

My favorite FREE synth plugins I just bought a new Windows machine, so I had to reinstall all my audio software. Here are the FREE synth plugins I installed first.

The Most Misunderstood And Nebulous Concepts In Filmmaking

Concepts In Filmmaking There are a lot of misunderstood and vague concepts in filmmaking. Some might say it’s because they’re complicated, but even if you have an idea for your next film or TV show-here is just what needs clarification before going ahead with production! Tim Burton is one of the most well-known directors in…

How to connect Rode Wireless Go2 with Zoom F6 Audio Recorder

Rode Wireless Go2 with Zoom F6 Audio Recorder Can you connect the Rode Wireless Go 2 with a Zoom F6? The answer is yes and I show you one way in this #shorts video!

Omnisphere: How to make a Cinematic Guitar Sequence

How to make a Cinematic Guitar Sequence in Omnisphere Want to learn how to make a cinematic guitar sequence in Spectrasonics Omnisphere? In this video, I take apart the preset ‘This Modern Love’ to show you how I created it from scratch! To download this preset and gain access to new presets and tutorials every…

Neuzeit Orbit | Part 01 | First Patch

First Patch Orbit is an effect module providing bit crushing, harmonizing, and filtering. It doesn’t do anything on its own, so it needs an external source. It’s a great module if you want to turn a simple sound into something huge, and it also works very well with drum and bass sounds, providing lots of…

Ornament & Crime | Episode 02 | Harrington 1200 + Quantermain

Harrington 1200 + Quantermain It’s been great fun to make this video. Harrington 1200 is an app to help you make triads (three-note chords). I totally suck at music theory so making this video wasn’t easy. I can imagine this app isn’t widely used because you’ll need three tuned voices to make chords, a lot…

Ornament & Crime (O_C) | Episode 01 | CopierMaschine

CopierMaschine Here’s episode 01 of my new O_C/Hemisphere series. I suspect there will be a lot of episodes coming because this thing is deep. Please note I’ll use this series myself to learn how to use it so I’ll probably make stupid errors along the way – like spelling ‘aeolian’ wrong. In this episode, I’ll…

Creative Reverb | Versio family | Tasty Chips ECR+ and ECR-1

Tasty Chips ECR+ and ECR-1 Hi all! This video is about having fun with creative, realistic, and totally unreal reverbs. It’s no secret I love reverbs a lot more than VCA’s and I can’t have enough of them. This video features Imitor Versio, Desmodus Versio, the Tasty Chips ECR-1 and its successor, the ECR+. I…

Atmospheric Pads Soundset Playthrough

Soundtoys Effect Rack In this video, I demonstrate some of the presets from my preset pack Atmospheric Pads for Soundtoys Effect Rack. Containing 25 presets for Soundtoys 5 Effect Rack, Atmospheric Pads is designed to add a beautiful atmospheric ambiance to dry synth pads. Simply dial in the mix knob, and hear your sounds transform. These…

Starter Kits | Episode 09 | Getting somewhere with Noise Engineering

Getting somewhere with Noise Engineering I know this isn’t really a starter kit episode, it’s more ‘get as many modules from one brand as possible’. But a starter kit needs to go somewhere. If you love techno, grime, drum & bass, industrial or dark ambient, Noise Engineering offers a lot of modules that can make…

11 Ableton Live Tips for AUDIO EDITING Everyone Should Know

Ableton Live Tips 11 Ableton Live tips for AUDIO EDITING everyone should know

How to make a Gritty Sequence in Arturia Pigments

Gritty Sequence in Arturia Pigments Want to learn how to make a gritty cinematic synth sequence in Arturia Pigments? In this video, I take apart one of this month’s Synth Vault presets, ‘Predicted Downfall’, and show you how to create it from scratch! To download this preset and gain access to new presets and tutorials…

Why Mixing on Headphones is Better

Mixing on Headphones It’s an unwritten rule that music producers should ideally be using speakers to monitor their mix, as headphones don’t give a realistic soundstage and can fatigue your ears quickly. However, in some cases mixing on headphones is actually better than using monitors. In this video, Audio Plugin Deals (Affiliate Link) explains when…

10 Ableton Live Tips Everyone Should Know

10 Ableton Live Tips 10 Ableton Live tips everyone should know, let’s learn together.

Should you buy an M1 Mac for music production?

M1 Mac for Music Production I’ve been using my M1 MacBook Pro for music production for the past 7 months. In this video, I talk about how that’s going, and I give my recommendations about whether it’s worth the upgrade!

How To Record Violins (And Not Spend A Lot)

How To Record Violins In this video, I talk about how to record violins on a budget. The track from this video can be found here. The microphones I mentioned in this video are: Rode M5 (Cheap but still decent) Rode NT5 (Medium + slightly better) Coles 4038 (Best, but most expensive)

13 Tips for Promoting Your Music

13 tips for promoting your music! This is it: everything I know about how to promote music in one video. My DistroKid promo code (Affiliate Link)

How to make TRUE legato sample libraries for DECENT SAMPLER

TRUE legato sample libraries for DECENT SAMPLER Decent Sampler now has support for legato! In this video, I show off how to script TRUE legato samples for DS. The super basic demo library I created in this video can be downloaded here.

How to make TRUE legato sample libraries in SFZ

How to make TRUE legato sample libraries in SFZ In this video, I show off how to script TRUE legato samples in SFZ. The super basic demo library I created in this video can be downloaded here: SFZ Viola True Legato Demo D Smolken’s great SFZ tutorial can be found here. A Decent Sampler version…

Weather Drones 1.5 by Eowave

Weather Drones 1.5 Weather Drones started as a DIY project a few years ago but is now available as an affordable prebuilt module. Weather Drones is a great module for creating evolving drones, textures, and soundscapes, but it also responds to pitch very well. It has a mix out for the final result, but it…

Tolerance Modeling Technology or TMT Explained by Dirk Ulrich

Tolerance Modeling Technology (TMT) Every channel strip in an analog console sounds slightly different compared to each other. This is due to the slight variances of the built-in components that contribute to the sound of each channel strip. Engineers who work a lot on analog desks often have their favorite channels for vocals, snare, and…

Shared System Tutorials | Part 37 | Morphagene PMOD & Envelope Follower

Morphagene PMOD & Envelope Follower In this episode, I’ve modified options.txt on the Morphagene SD card to set PMOD to 1. With this setting enabled, Morphagene only plays when the Play CV receives a gate and plays as long as the gate is high. This makes it easier to control what will happen to the…

Shared System Tutorials | Part 38 | The Jukebox

The Jukebox – Shared System Tutorials In MakeNoise’s latest Maths ‘bouncing ball’ video, Tony Rolando spoke about a patch you could start with one button/trigger and would then play a ‘song’ by itself. Aleatoric Music.

Plaits-23 | Exploring a Soma Pulsar-23 with Mutable Instruments

Soma Pulsar-23 with Mutable Instruments First of all, this video is not about the Pulsar-23. Not really. I have it in pre-order for a while so hopefully, I can offer you a real skydive soon. But I noticed Soma posting a lot of new videos, so I am suspecting it’s on its way to the…

CosMix | The mixer that will bring a smile on your face

CosMix A lot of cool stuff is coming from the Netherlands like NerdSeq, Error, Tasty Chips, and TINRS. But a relatively new brand is Cosmotronix that already gave us the super handy Delta-V dual function generator with built-in VCA, and now the CosMix, a small and straightforward mixer with four mono inputs, two stereo inputs,…

Starter Kits | Episode 08 | The Art of Making Good Choices

The Art of Making Good Choices When you’re getting started with modular, it’s impossible to build the perfect system – and very easy to create a combo that doesn’t really work. So in this episode, I’ll make a few bad choices, and show you how every choice will affect the next one. So this video…

Library Spotlight – World Percussion Creator

World Percussion Creator World Percussion Creator is a virtual instrument sample library designed to convey natural sound in a new, larger, and more flexible way.

Reflections | Using regular sound files with Tasty Chips ECR-1

Reflections A convolution reverb uses recordings of a reflected sound (e.g. a gunshot) in a room or space, thus creating super realistic reverbs. However, you can also use any sound file to create spaces that will never exist in real life. In this video, I’ve been using the new ‘angel hair’ Morphagene reel which was…

Create Cinematic Sound FX with Damage 2

Hits, Risers, and Creative Sound FX | Damage 2 Tips & Tutorials | Heavyocity Damage 2 contains over 40,000 samples worth of pure percussive inspiration — but did you know that the powerful D2 engine is FULL of sound design elements, perfect for creating cinematic Hits, Risers, and Sound FX? Watch as our own Luis…

Deep Dive into my Cinematic Metal Cover of Dream Is Collapsing

Deep Dive into my Cinematic Metal Cover Let’s take a deep dive into my cinematic metal cover of Dream Is Collapsing of the Inception soundtrack by Hans Zimmer.

Noise Engineering | Free Plug-ins for your DAW!

Free Plug-ins for your DAW Ever wanted a Ruina Versio but don’t have the budget? Always wanted to have a polyphonic ‘iteritas’ oscillator that blends, bubbles, screams, and morphs into amazing pads, metals, beats, basslines, and leads? Noise Engineering just released public beta’s of their 95% finished DAW plugins. I normally don’t cover plug-ins on…