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Rick Beato Book and Ear Training: How to Learn Music Theory and Improve Your Musical Ear

Rick Beato Book and Ear Training: How to Learn Music Theory and Improve Your Musical Ear

Many people believe that you need to have a “natural talent” for music in order to excel, but the reality is that musical ability is largely dependent on practice and understanding. In other words, anyone can learn music theory and improve their musical skills simply by studying and applying the concepts. Of course, some people…

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What I Do when I’m Not Recording (getting Lost and Buying a New Sony A7IV)

So many obstacles in one day but we had fun! Come along with us as we explore Bangkok (the local way) to get our LATEST piece of gear!

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Making Money with Sound Recordings? Your Chance for 2022!

Can you make money with field recording and live a lifestyle that allows you to travel the world, have financial freedom, and live a life on your own terms and rules? In this video, we’ll talk all about it…

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Presonus ends the template discussion | Studio One 5 tutorial

I mean it, for me personally, Presonus ends the template discussion. In case, you are one of those people that don’t know if a template makes sense or not if you would like to be flexible and don’t want to be limited in your creativity, check out this Studio One 5 tutorial.

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How do you find work as a composer? | Trailer Music, Video Games, Music Business

How do you find work as a composer? Okay, talking straight from my heart here. I wanted to address this very important topic that I consider important music business advice. No matter if you want to work in trailer music, video games or the music business in general.

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Camino de Santiago Packing List AFTER the Camino

I did it. After 28 days I finished the Camino Frances from Saint Jean Pied de Port and across Spain to Santiago de Compostela and this video I show you my real Camino packing list. The main gear we feature in this video! Gregory Backpack Paragon 58 Black Diamond Storm 400 Lumen Light BeeFree Drink…

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Don’t do this if you’re trying to find work | Video game and trailer music business

Video Game and Trailer Music Business Please, don’t do this if you’re trying to find work in the video game and trailer music business. In this video, I want to get you guys a bit more involved and I picked out three previous comments and talked about them.

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Best Power Bank & Correct Usb Cable for Sound Devices Mix Pre 6ii

This video shows how you can link and power all channels on the MixPre 6ii using the correct USB cable. Also, I recommend using a power bank that will charge USB-C to USB-C because that way you won’t run into any issues powering the Sound Devices MixPre 6ii Anker PowerCore III Elite 26K – Check…

maxresdefault 17 Spaceship | Episode 13 | Cockpit 1U, Golden Master 1U & Milky Way 1U

Today the 1U modules are launched and I had the privilege to make a launch video. If you have an Intellijel 1U row in your case, you may find this video of interest. If not, you may need one! made the modules compatible with Intellijel case outputs and I happen to have a…

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Healing Solfeggio Frequencies with Mordax Data & BitBox

Just looking at the number of plays a typical Healing Frequency video gets, I’d say they’re in high demand and highly appreciated. So in this video I wanted to share some tips and tools so you can make your own scales and tunings, and maybe turn your modular into a spa/wellness center to make people…