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Those Super Cheap Violins And Violas On eBay – Are They Any Good?

What Does A $37 Viola Sound Like? There are a ton of super cheap violins and violas on eBay. I’ve always been really curious about them: what you can expect for those kind of bargain basement prices? To find out, I ordered a couple of violas–one of them was just 37 bucks! Today we’re going…

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How to Hold Violin Bow Video Tutorial

How to Hold Violin Bow Today’s video is about how to begin to learn to hold a violin bow. While there is a correct way of holding the bow to your instrument, there will be natural variability in people’s desired grip due to their differing hand size and shape, from the beginner to the advanced…

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How to Hold the Violin

How to Hold the Violin

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Introduction to the Violin and its Sound

Introduction to the Violin If you’re a beginner who is curious about the violin and its family, we have answers for you! The violin is an ancient musical instrument that mystifies and lends itself to fantasy like no other. The violin produces a shimmery, brilliant and resonant sound when the strings of the instrument are…

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What is the Difference Between a Cello and Violin

What is the Difference Between a Cello and Violin Whether you’re trying to decide between learning cello and violin, or if you just like learning new information about music, we discuss the differences between violin and cello in this video. Firstly, there is some relatability between the two instruments, as they are both tuned in…