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Wolv Waveshaper A pack of Wolves Attacks

Wolv Waveshaper – A pack of Wolves Attacks

Vult DSP New Wolv Waveshaper For Eurorack Over the last years, Vult DSP built a lot of synthesizer circuits. On a few occasions, Leonardo (Vult DSP) make full eurorack modules. For example, some years ago Leonardo designed the PCBs and panel for a Steiner-Parker filter. Leonardo gave away the boards to some of my friends…

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#Jamuary2021 | Day 02 | Patch – The Card Game

Patch – The Card Game For this jam I used James Cigler’s ‘Patch – The Card Game’ (available at Signal Sounds here) to make some patching decisions, but it’s – mostly – a jam and the cards disrupted it :). But that’s part of the game! You can find the game on It started…

Vult DSP New Firmware v2.5 Released

Vult DSP – New Freak Firmware v2.5 Released

Freak Firmware v2.5 You may already know because most of the new features were requested by the Vult DSP customers. Vult DSP implemented almost all the requests; in one shape or other. The ones that didn’t implemented, are safely stored in the Vult DSP backlog and will work on them for a future release. This…

Discounts Affordable Shipping with Vult scaled

Discounts, Affordable Shipping with Vult

The new Vorg by Vult DSP You may have seen the news that Vult DSP totally redesigned the Vorg filter. The new version is basically the same circuit but fully through-hole. This makes it much easier to assemble. For that reason, Vult DSP going to start selling them again as DIY kits and also as…

Vult Freak

Freak Firmware v2.3 and Module Availability

Freak Firmware v2.3 and Module Availability The latest release of Firmware v2.3 added to the eurorack filter Freak features like Flame containing the Rodent and Cylinder models which are Vult versions of the Rat and Tube distortions. The Freak Manifold Filter is the result of Leonardo Laguna Ruiz obsession with analog filters. The Freak module…

Vult DSP Freak VCF

Vult DSP’s Freak Firmware Release v2.2

Vult DSP’s Freak Firmware Release v2.2 Time to update your Freak Manifold Filter filter! Freak is an analog filter containing more than 12 different filter circuits. This filter has the power of simulating more than 11 Analog Filters plus 1 distortion. Every model was meticulously developed to capture the soul of the original circuit and simulate…

Vult DSP Freak VCF

New Freak (Vult DSP) Firmware

New Freak (Vult DSP) Firmware Vult DSP announces the official release of the Freak firmware v2.1. The file has been available for a few weeks on Vult DSP GitHub. Freak Firmware v2.1 – What’s New The new firmware adds two new models that were ported from Vult DSP’s existing virtual modules. Disjoint This is a…

Vult Freak is Available for Pre Order

Freak Manifold Filter Preorder Started

Freak Manifold Filter is back for preorder Freak filter for your eurorack system is back. Vult has started taking preorders now. Vult expects to start shipping at the beginning of March. Freak is a high-end digital filter that runs most of Vult’s Virtual Analog models. It can be run as a single Stereo filter or…

Freak full DIY kit

Freak Full DIY kit by Vult DSP

Freak Full DIY kit Freak is the perfect filter for the people that cannot decide which Eurorack filter to buy. Now you don’t have to make a decision because you can have them all. Filters included:​ Tangents: Steiner-Parker filter (three variations, LP, HP, BP). Lateralus: Ladder filter (6, 12, 8 and 24dB options) Nurage: Low…

Vult DSP Freak VCF

Freak Filter New Beta Firmware

Freak Filter Firmware v2.0 (Beta 2) Freak firmware v2.0-beta-2 includes Dual-mode (available since beta-1) New filter: Boomstick – Sallen-Key filter Possibility of selecting a distortion. The algorithms come from the Debriatus module and provide wave folding, bit crushing, saturation and distortion.  Availability and How to Update You can download the firmware here: