ATOM a Advanced Film & Game Sound Design Tool by Audiomodern

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Tuesday, 21 April 2020
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Audiomodern released Atom (Affiliate Link) which is their advanced virtual instrument library for composing, scoring, sound design, and game sound. Audiomodern did send me the beta of Atom in June so I have been using the library for several weeks. ATOM was created over the past two years by Max Million, Stefan Torto, Giorgio Riolo, Alessandro Romeo, Koka Nikoladze, Adam Pietruszko, Pavlos Gousios, Katerina Mantzari & the Audiomodern team.

In Atom 2.0 (Affiliate Link) you find more than one hundred sound sources including pads, atmospheric sounds, percussion, drones, sonics, synths, noisy pads, organic keys, cinematic effects, transition elements, impacts, and sequences based on over 3000 samples.

You can start with a preset (more than 180 presets are included) which combines two sound sources or is based on a single sound. The presets are split into groups: ATMO, KEYS, FX, PERCUSSIVE & SYNTHETIC. You can further select a sound source for up to two layers. You have full control on how you mix and shape the sounds used in the layer.

AudioModern Atom

On the mix and layer pages, you can change not only the sound source but also adjust ADSR, volume,  tune the layer up to 12 Semitones. From there you can adjust the global LFO, and layer specific settings like Filter settings, enable legato, polyphonic or monophonic mode and use the FX tab to further apply effects like stutter, delay, lo-fi, chorus, overdrive and more. If want you can link the adjust and apply them to both layers at the same time.

Atom by AudioModern

Atom includes an arpeggiator engine for each layer to provide hundreds of sonic combinations.

Atom is now available for a time-limited introductory price of 99 Euro, follow this link if you want to know more about Atom 2.0 here (Affiliate Link).

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