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ATOM 2.0 by Audiomodern Review




Atom V2.0 NKS by Audiomodern

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ATOM 2.0 by Audiomodern Review

Today we are reviewing a relaunched Library. Atom 2.0 was recently re-released in 2019 as an updated version of ATOM originally released two years ago.

I use ATOM since 2017 and I am impressed by the high-quality content and its usefulness in many applications, genres, and sound design.

The market of Hybrid libraries is congested, ATOM is more than just another Hybrid library and keeps standing out in this market.

ATOM is a well-known name in the hybrid library market. It has been around for many years and is still one of the most popular hybrid libraries available. The reason for its popularity is simple – ATOM offers a great selection of books, movies, music, and games that can be enjoyed by all ages.

In addition, ATOM is easy to use and offers a wide variety of features that make it a great choice for both beginners and experienced users alike. With so many different hybrid libraries on the market, it can be difficult to know which one to choose. However, ATOM is more than just another hybrid library; it is a top choice for anyone looking for a great way to enjoy their media.

ATOM (1) is one of the top libraries for creating cinematic sounds. The 2019 relaunch included new features and sounds that are sure to send chills down your spine.

The library includes ambiances, sequences, soundscapes, textures, and pads that are perfect for creating a horror movie soundtrack. ATOM (1) is the perfect tool for any composer looking to create anxiety-inducing music.

ATOM 2.0 is an extraordinarily modern Kontakt library that is useful for any trailer, film, game composer, and sound designer.

The library is packed with a massive amount of high-quality content, making it an invaluable resource for anyone looking to create professional-sounding audio. The included instruments cover a wide range of sounds, from traditional acoustic instrumentation to cutting-edge synthetic textures.

In addition, the library offers a wealth of creative options, thanks to its robust modulation and effects engine. Whether you’re looking for classic sounds or something new and innovative, ATOM 2.0 is sure to have what you need.


You download the library from the Audiomodern user account. It is a single file download. You find the serial code to register ATOM 2.0 in Native Access for existing ATOM users in your order details.

Atom 2.0 Update
ATOM 2.0 by Audiomodern Review

Atom 2.0 – Sound

Atom 2.0 is useful for any trailer, film, game composer, and sound designer. ATOM 2.0 is an extraordinarily modern Kontakt library.

With the recent relaunch in 2019, it is still in the top league of libraries starring ambiances, sequences, soundscapes, textures, and pads. ATOM is your complete toolbox to scare the audience with characteristic cinematic sounds full of anxiety and horror.

The sounds and tone of ATOM are very different from libraries from other producers. The video below is from 2017 and is part of the ATOM an Advanced Film & Game Sound Design Tool by Audiomodern article.

Atom 2.0 is an astonishing hybrid library and enables any composer to design unique vibes for any cinematic and gaming project.

The library contains cinematic loops and one-shots, as well as a powerful engine that allows users to create their own sounds. With Atom 2.0, filmmakers and game developers can add realistic or otherworldly sounds to their projects, creating an immersive experience for audiences.

The library also includes a range of sound effects, from shaped and mangled Foley recordings to ambiancesT and SFX. In addition, Atom 2.0 features a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to find the perfect sound for any scene or character.

With its wealth of options and flexibility, Atom 2.0 is sure to become a staple in the toolboxes of composers working in film and video games.

Used recordings

Atom is based on many acquisitions of complex textures and organic elements. Those elements are produced from a large gathering of field recordings, analog devices, and unique acoustic instruments. It is an advantageous library for complete tracks or personally for myself and inspiration reservoir.

This virtual instrument plugin comes with 3.000+ samples, an extremely clever collection of onboard sound effects, an amazingly natural multi-layer engine with separate effects and an arpeggiator engine for each layer to provide hundreds of sonic sequences. More than 180+ sources are available on two layers and you can mix and match as you need to.

Atom features a custom convolution reverb impulse engine, adequate synthesizer LFO’s, filters, envelopes, and a powerful dual arpeggiator engine for those looking to take their sound further than the preset patches.

Atom is preloaded with over 180 exquisitely crafted presets divided into five main categories ATMO, KEYS, FX, PERCUSSIVE & SYNTHETIC. Each sound can be formed into lush developing pads, impenetrable uplifting chords, unfamiliar acoustic timbres, dark textures, ambient soundscapes, layered ambiances, Impacts, cinematic FX, and elements for adding emotion and action into your compositions with all excellent included features that provide unlimited elasticity over morphing, molding, and processing.

The Atom V 2.0 update is introducing NKS Compatibility, a brand-new Preset Browser, and Scale-Selector / Randomizer for each of the Arpeggiators.


  • 180+ sound sources are categorized into five categories encompassing a wide variety of sounds
  • 7.2 Total Gb of sounds (Compressed to 6.73 Gb using . NCW Lossless format)
  • Full keyboard range of sample playback
  • Multi-Layer Engine
  • Individual Effects for each Layer
  • Individual Arpeggiator with New Scale-Selector for each Layer
  • Random Sequence Generator
  • NKS Compatibility
  • New Convolution reverb impulse engine
  • 24Bit/48Khz resolution for all source samples
  • Multi-Genre versatility

You can purchase Atom 2.0 here (Affiliate Link). Existing Atom owners simply login to their user account and download the 2.0 update.

User interface & Usability

ATOM 2.0 comes with a clean user interface. You can select some particular tabs, and use the included browser. Every TAB is designed in a way to create sounds and tones that help you in your daily work.

You find a fully user-friendly designed interface to keep you productive. The UI is straightforward to use.

Atom V2.0 NKS by Audiomodern Browser
ATOM 2.0 by Audiomodern Review

I would recommend starting with the snapshots or using the integrated browser (above) to learn more about the possibilities the Kontakt library is offering by going through the presets. Next, start the experimentation phase by shaping the sounds with onboard effects and external plugins.

User interface and usability are two important aspects of any software application. The user interface is the way the user interacts with the software, and usability refers to how easy it is to use the software. ATOM 2.0 has an excellent user interface that is both easy to use and visually appealing.

The software is designed to be intuitive, and users will be able to quickly learn how to use all of the features. In addition, ATOM 2.0 is highly customizable, so users can tailor the software to their specific needs. As a result, ATOM 2.0 provides an excellent user experience that will keep users coming back for more.


Audiomodern’s ATOM 2.0 is a library of sounds for creating tracks or finding inspiration, with 3,000+ samples, 180+ sound sources, and 7.2Gb of sounds compressed to 6.73Gb using the .NCW lossless format. It has a multi-layer engine with individual effects and arATING: 4.5/5

ATOM 2.0 is a versatile and user-friendly text editor that makes it easy to get started coding. The streamlined interface provides all the essential features without overwhelming users with options.

In addition, the Kontakt Library UI is highly customizable, so users can tailor the experience to their specific needs. All of these factors make ATOM 2.0 an excellent choice for both novice and experienced composers and producers alike.

Rating:  Five out of five stars

ATOM 2.0 by Audiomodern is a hybrid library perfect for trailer, film, and game sound producers. Atom 2.0 produces timbres, tones, and characters that are unique in the market and serviceable to a modern composer.

You can generate a large range of unprecedented soundscapes and more. Several of the included sounds of the content is tonal playable. ATOM 2.0 helps you to produce or compose musical atmospheric elements and you can make them frightening to scare your audience. 

Atom 2.0 is an astonishing hybrid library that enables any composer to design unique vibes for any cinematic and gaming project.

The library also comes with a user interface that allows users to control the pitch, level, stereo width, and effects of each sound. With this user interface, composers have complete control over the sound of their music. Atom 2.0 is an essential tool for any composer looking to create unique and impactful music for their next project.

Whether you’re creating a trailer, film score, or video game soundtrack, Atom 2.0 has the tools you need to stay ahead of the curve. If you’re looking for something truly unique, Atom 2.0 is definitely worth checking out.

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