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Torsion by SampleTraxx Review




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Torsion by SampleTraxx Review

Alessandro Romeo Owner and Sound Designer at SampleTraxx has released Torsion. Alessandro’s sounds (BRAAMS, DOOM, and HARMONICS from SampleTraxx) have been used all over in the score of JIGSAW and in the eighth movie in the SAW horror franchise. SampleTraxx did send a review copy with no strings attached.

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SampleTraxx’s sound library is a collection of dark cinematic sounds. You are collecting cinematic sound effects, tempo-locked synths, stutter-stingers, tonal feedback, signature braams, hits, downers, low-end whooshes, vocals, rise-crescendo, and reverse. Alternative it also comes with 300+ WAV samples, or you fuse the 86 Kontakt instruments powered by The Forge engine by Audiority.

Torsion Kontakt Overview


After obtaining Torsion, you will receive a download link which will expire in 7 days. You download and unpack the library if needed to your selected Kontakt library location. After the usually Kontakt batch resave,  you are ready to get started with Torsion.


Torsion includes hi-tech braams, stutter stingers, tempo-locked synths, rise-crescendo, reverse, hits, downers, vocals, and tonal feedback. The library is based on over 300 samples overall 1.3 GB in size. You have the choice to use the Kontakt player or use the WAV files directly. The Kontakt engine includes an arpeggiator, a polyphonic sequencer, a rhythmic gate, a resonant delay, and reverb.

Torsion Wav files

The used Kontakt Engine includes an advanced rhythmic programmer, arpeggiator, polyphonic sequencer, gate, dual reverb a combination of classic and convolution, resonating filters with envelope and stack mode-voicing control.

Torsion Control

With additional 3rd party plugins, you can take this good sound’s source into a different direction and vary them even more.

User interface & Usability

This is a clean interface that offers you easy access to the user parameter without flashy interfaces that are used in similar products on the market. I have nothing against a flashy interface, however after the first week or so you do focus on the content more than on the package. SampleTraxx found an excellent way to address usability needs.  The user interface is keeping you focused on your workflow. What I would see as a benefit for users that want less individual control is an even more shrunken down interface that can be switched in an expert mode when needed. Instead of many patches to load a change on the used sounds (instrument) with one patch to load is a more current approach. In the middle of the Torsion UI, you have access to an advanced Rhythmic Programmer that is your Arpeggiator, a Polyphonic Sequencer or a Gater.

Rating:  Four out of five stars

SampleTraxx’s sound library Torsion is a collection of dark cinematic sounds that are incredibly beneficial for underscore, sound effects, trailer, and background or to raise the tension when needed. Other libraries have been used in a big screen, and massive budget movies, this gem I am sure will also make its appearance on the big screen sooner or later.

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