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Bioscape by Luftrum

Field recordings merge together in a sonic kaleidoscope of found sound cinematics – from underscoring pads to drones, pulses, and textures.

Field recordings are the building blocks of found sound cinematics. By merging field recordings from diverse locations together, sonic kaleidoscopes of found sound cinematics can be created. This cinematics can range from underscoring pads to drones, pulses, and textures.

By carefully selecting and editing field recordings, it is possible to create cinematic compositions that are both evocative and distinctive. In addition, by using field recordings from different times and places, it is possible to create a sense of temporality and place that would not be possible with traditional instrumentation.

As a result, found sound cinematics offer a unique and powerful way to create soundscapes that engage the listener on multiple levels.

Bioscape is a Kontakt instrument that is based on field recordings and found sounds to create musical content, this gives you an unpolished, raw, and organic dimension to your production.

Bioscape is particularly suitable for game and film score composers but works extremely well with ambient music, music concrète, sound healing, music therapy, or just as a standalone experimental instrument with presets created by Simon Stockhausen, Arksun, Luftrum, Sonic Underworld, Claus Gahrn, Empty Vessel, Adam Pietruszko, Echo Season and Triple Spiral Audio.

Underscore in Your Compositions 

The most frequent issue that people complain about with an underscore is how to use it properly. Many songwriters believe they must employ it in every composition, which may result in overuse and lack of impact. It’s critical to understand the significance of underscore and apply it appropriately.

Music is a universal language that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds. Whether you’re listening to your favorite song on the radio or watching a symphony orchestra perform, music has the power to touch our hearts and emotions. One of the most fascinating aspects of music is how it can be used to underscore a scene in a movie or television show.

The right piece of music can add drama, suspense, or even humor to a scene, and composers have spent centuries perfecting their craft. If you’re interested in adding music to your compositions, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

First, it’s important to choose the right piece of music for the mood you’re trying to create. Second, make sure the volume of the music is appropriate for the scene. Too much or too little volume can ruin the effect you’re going for. And finally, don’t forget to leave some room for silence.

The right balance of music and silence can create tension and anticipation that will keep your audience engaged. So when you’re ready to add some musical flair to your next composition, remember these tips and let the magic happen.

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Bioscape is available now.

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