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Nagoya Harp by UVI Review

UVI, the makers of VINTAGE VAULT 2, FalconWorld Suite, and other virtual instruments has released Nagoya Harp. I would describe this instrument as a hybrid between a typewriter, zither, and mountain dulcimer. A Nagoya Harp is similar to a Bulbul Tarang which I know from my several visits to India. You can play UVIs Nagoya Harp traditionally (strummed) or as an analytical instrument with advanced harmonic variations. UVI granted a review copy with no strings attached.


After purchase, UVI or if selected a reseller will send you a code that you can use to register the library with UVI and as well attribute Nagoya Harp to your iLOK account (free, dongle not required). After downloading and activating the library in iLOK you can use the library within UVI Workstation version 2.6.15+, and Falcon version 1.4.1+.


UVI’s Nagoya Harp was recorded, edited and sound design by Kevin Guilhaumou, Alain J Etchart, and Floriane Palmkrantz. Overall more than 20,000 samples were recorded. The sound files have been originally 21ischGB in size and compressed to close to 7ischGB. When recorded the Nagoya Harp player used a plectrum, bow, sticks, palm muting, hammer,  and various una corda configurations. Olivier Tristan and Remy Muller do software and scripting development.

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Nagoya Harp includes Strum and Keys. With Strum, the more usual playing style is imitated. Or you can use the library as an analytical instrument and have access Una Corda High-String, Una Corda Low-String, Palm Muted, Sticks and Bowed tones.

The usual UVI effect system (Chorus, Convolver, Delay, Equalizer, Overdrive, Phasor, and Reverb) is available in Nagoya Harp allowing you to mangle further and shape the sounds.

You can mix mono signal, a stereo signal, and stereo ambient microphone recordings (Royer SF-24(Stereo Ribbon Mic), Neumann U67(Tube Condenser Microphone) and Bruel&Kjaer 4006 (Omnidirectional Microphone)).

If you use Falcon, you can add your own Falcon effect and further shape the instruments. With all the possible Falcon effects you can take the sounds to a new entire unconventional level.

User interface & Usability

Nathaniel Reeves has done a great job when designing the Interface. Everything is comfortably accessible and typical UVI (French) style which to mean easy to use and great design. 

Rating:  Four out of five stars

Nagoya Harp is a bright sounding, versatile and authentic ethnic sounding instrument. This ethnic and non-traditional instrument can be stacked with traditional instruments to add other tone and uniqueness to your score. As a principal instrument, you can create a Japanese or broader speaking Asian sound for your customer that look for actual ethnic music.

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