Motion Cinematic Grooves by Paris Sampling Review

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Thursday, 25 April 2019
  • Time to read: 3 min.

Motion Cinematic Grooves by Paris Sampling Review

Motion Cinematic Grooves by Paris Sampling is an organic rhythm (hybrid) scoring tool, created by Olajide Paris who seem to have recorded and produced libraries for the likes of 8Dio, Impact Soundworks, Audio Imperia, and Private Labs Audio. Pricing is $49 until January 17th (Goes to $69).

There’s a lot of new beginnings in this library. Many of these sounds were crafted by Paris Sampling with the idea of igniting the spark of inspiration to set you off on your own rhythmic expedition, which is why Olajide has taken the time to craft and mold some sounds that don’t fit under the generic labels of many of today’s sound design tools. Rhythm is often one of the first episodes in crafting a new song, and Motion easily provides that foundation.

Movement Cover Short

Paris Sampling did send me a review copy with no strings attached. Motion Cinematic Grooves was sent to me for review before its actual release date which makes the version I have a beta version. There could be updated after the library is released. Paris Sampling did send a review copy with no strings attached.


The library requires full Retail Version of Kontakt 5.5.2 or higher (Not compatible with free Kontakt Player). After purchase, there is a manual process after which you receive the download links.


Motion Cinematic Grooves is a library that is based on the recordings of Contrabass, Electric Bass, and Electric Violin. The included raw samples have been taken through sound design stages and result in rhythmic grooves that come in major, minor and power chord variants. As the market for hybrid scores is congested the included grooves make this library a special one.

Motion by Paris Sampling 1

Motion Cinematic Grooves uses a specially modified version of the Kontakt engine Photosynthesis. Photosynthesis was created by composer Jeremiah Pena in 2016 and is not only used in our libraries, but also in Audio Imperia and Soundethers libraries. It offers four screens with tons of customization options:

  • Main Engine: allows for blending up to three layers of sound and provides basic filter modulation
  • A key switch enabled FX engine, allowing the addition of editable Lo-Fi, Screamer, Distortion, and Jump FX to truly make your sounds unique and pump with life
  • Rhythm Engine: Add your own rhythmic delicacy with the step sequencer, and drive up the sense of movement with the onboard LFOs for panning, gain, pitch, and filters
  • Output Engine: Controls further stereo, transient, EQ, and compressor effects

There is a variety of effects and sequencing that you can be applied in the Photosynthesis. The patches seem also not to make use of any Photosynthesis effects in the which means that all sound design was outside the engine. The engine allows you to accentuate and mangle the sounds further based on the included raw samples and to some degree on the prepared samples. You can not dial back effects applied as they are backed in. 

User interface& Usability

It uses the widely utilized Photosynthesis engine which is a good engine to use. I have worked with products that did use Photosynthesis which made me feel at home when working with the library. I would prefer a way where I could load by using fewer Kontakt patches the different instruments and also be able to match, mix and merge the all different sounds to create something new based on the included great sounding recording and designed sounds.

2018 01 09 0001

Rating:  Four out of five stars

Motion Cinematic Grooves is a cinematic, scoring virtual instrument created to give composers instantly exciting musical soundscapes and grants new tones in the never-ending search for original content.

Area of improvement: I would like to see that a different engine would be used in the next releases from Paris Sampling to allow to blend the tremendous sounding sounds that have been created and also provide more control on the sound that has changed through sound design.

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