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A new bundle has been made available for a limited time. 

Audio Imperia has partnered with Audio Plugin Deals to launch Audio Imperia’s Cinematic Experience Bundle. This epic bundle for $99 is available for less than 14 days. You can secure and purchase the Audio Imperia Cinematic Experience Bundle here at Audio Plugin Deals (Affiliate Link). If you purchase the product regularly you would need to spend a bit more than $460.

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Audio Imperia Cinematic Experience Bundle Includes

Dystopian Dreams Vol. 1
The AUDIO IMPERIA “Dystopian Dreams” is specially created for current post-apocalyptic and science fiction scores and offers a broad assortment of sounds and effects. Dystopian Dreams Vol. 1 was produced by Histibe

Dystopian Dreams Vol. 2 “Dark Moon Rising”
AUDIO IMPERIA’s “Dark Moon Rising” is the follow-up to Dystopian Dreams Vol. 1.  Also produced by Histibe. Dystopian Dreams Vol. 2 provides a broad family of horror and terror sounds.

Hank Drum
With Hank Drum, Bryan Leach captured the natural and meditative tones of this special percussion drum. 


Hank Drum Exp 1 Cinematic Motions
Hank Drum Exp 01: Cinematic Motions is an autonomous product and does not require the original Hank Drum library.Cinematic Motions allows you to score musical scenes,  percussive sounds and unusual sonic sounds. 


Photosynthesis Vol. 1 “Sphere”
Sphere includes deep growing pads, deep soundscapes, rhythmic underscores, and creative instrument effects. Inspired by ambient music, post-rock, and artists like Jon Hopkins, Sigur Ros, Ólafur Arnalds.



Photosynthesis Vol. 2 “Mystic”
Mystic is an ambient cello library offering spectral pads and soundscapes, unique cello articulations, and creative instrument effects.



Photosynthesis Vol. 3 “Embers”
Embers is focused on dark, distorted cinematic sounds still planted in the ambient mindset. Heavy growling basses, distant organic instruments, wavering pads, and rhythmic synths.

Photosynthesis Vol. 4 “Realms”
Realms is a huge artistic toolkit of bowed metallic sounds. Recorded with intense detail, metal groans, and screeches. Realms include a wide selection of raw bowed metal objects,  organic pads, and horrific soundscapes.




Dystopian Dreams Vol. 1

For Dystopian Dreams Vol. 1 Audio Imperia worked with Histibe, who is recognized for his exceptional sound design. Histibe works have been distributed on important platforms such as Vimeo Staff Picks, JAY Z’s Life+Times, UKF, DJ Mag, Dezeen, Complex, BBC, and OFFF Festival. Histibe is a multi-genre music producer, video director, sound designer and creative director at Mask Movement. Together they produced a cinematic tool kit that will equip you with the perfect set of go-to sounds for your productions.

Dystopian Dreams Vol. 1 was inspired by movies like Maze Runner, Mad Max: Fury Road, Oblivion, I am Legend, 28 Days Later, Terminator Genisys, Priest, World War Z and TV shows like Heroes, Supernatural and The Walking Dead.

Dystopian Dreams Vol. 1 kit includes:

  • Alarms
  • Booms
  • Downers
  • Drones
  • Hits
  • Pulses
  • Risers
  • Sound Effects
  • Stingers
  • Whooshes

Dystopian Dreams Vol. 1

Dystopian Dreams Vol. 2 “Dark Moon Rising”

Volume 2 holds evil, spooky and suspenseful sounds that will make your skin crawl and look over your shoulder.

Dystopian Dreams Vol. 2 includes:

  • Braaams
  • Clock FX (Individual FX & Loops)
  • FX Markers
  • Designed Hit Rips
  • Designed Hits
  • Power Downs
  • Pulsating Atmospheres
  • Spiccato Synths

Dystopian Dreams Vol. 2

Hank Drum

Hank Drum consists of well over 1000 samples, 75 sound design presets, and 5 traditional instrument presets. The traditional instruments all arrive with three mic positions (recorded with Neuman KM184’s and a SoundDelux U95), that you can mix to your liking:

  • Bottom
  • Brush
  • Hand Dynamic Mutes
  • Hand Open
  • Percussion

Hank Drum

The 75 sound design presets are split into three sections:

  • Prepared (48 presets)
  • Synth Filtered (5 presets)
  • Synth Pad (22 presets)

Hank Drum FX

Hank Drum Exp 1 Cinematic Motions

All of the loops stems and one shot was built from the original Hank Drum (also included in this bundle) source material. Bryan Leach is a genius in converting sounds into over 1900 samples of driving and compelling sonic material.

Hank Drum Exp 01: Cinematic Motions comprises:

  • Bonus – Construction Kits (bonus motions in 65bpm, 75bpm, 100bpm, 110bpm)
  • Bonus – Designed Drums
  • Bonus – Human Loops 110bpm
  • Bonus – Human Loops 130bpm
  • Construction Kits 65bpm
  • Construction Kits 75bpm
  • Construction Kits 85bpm

Hank Drum Exp 1 Cinematic Motions

Photosynthesis Vol. 1 “Sphere”

Sphere holds growing pads, obscure soundscapes, rhythmic underscores, and creative instrument effects. Sphere includes 127 Kontakt instrument and is powered by Photosynthesis Engine (developed by Exotic States). Through Photosynthesis you get extensive control over shaping the sounds included in Sphere.

Sphere includes:

  • 127 Kontakt instruments total
  • 21 Organic Instruments
  • 31 Pads
  • 27 Rhythmic Instruments
  • 16 Soundscapes
  • 13 Synths
  • 19 Unprocessed Instruments
  • 16 Guitar Rig 5 Pro Presets
  • Uses Photosynthesis

Photosynthesis Vol. 1 22Sphere22

Photosynthesis Vol. 2 “Mystic”

Mystic was developed based on over 5 hours of cello recordings
which then has been prepared and twisted. Alongside the prepared instruments are raw solo cello articulations like artificial harmonics, harmonic tremolos, sustained ricochets, sul ponticello, harmonic glissandos, and more.

Mystic includes

  • 127 Kontakt Patches total
  • 22 Granular Movement Patches
  • 14 Processed Cello Patches
  • 14 Unprocessed Cello Patches
  • 9 Cello FX Patches
  • 24 Pads Patches
  • 10 Rhythmic Patches
  • 19 Soundscape Patches
  • Uses Photosynthesis

Photosynthesis Vol. 2 22Mystic22

Photosynthesis Vol. 3 “Embers”

Embers come with massive growling basses, distant organic instruments, wavering pads, and rhythmic synths.

Ember includes:

  • 23 Organic Basses patches
  • 12 Organic Various patches
  • 31 Pads and 32 Rhythmic  patches
  • 8 Soundscapes/Noise patches
  • 19 Synth patches
  • Bonus: 33 Guitar Rig 5 Pro Presets

Photosynthesis Vol. 3 22Embers22

Photosynthesis Vol. 4 “Realms”

Realms comprise seven bowed objects for sounds and music in the shadows. Additional original pads and prepared keys/pads/rhythms/soundscapes are incorporated.

Realms Include:

  • 41 Bowed Object Menus
  • 839 Individual Bowed Patches
  • 27 Bowed Effects Menus
  • 24 Natural Pads
  • 6 Processed Keys
  • 14 Processed Pads
  • 15 Processed Rhythms
  • 8 Processed Soundscapes
  • Bonus: 33 Guitar Rig 5 Pro Presets

Photosynthesis Vol. 4 22Realms22



Pricing: For a limited time, you can buy the Audio Imperia Cinematic Experience Bundle here (Affiliate Link) for $99USD.



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