Cinematic Sound Design Bundle by SOUND IDEAS

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Wednesday, 31 January 2018
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Cinematic Sound Design Bundle by SOUND IDEAS

This bundle is all about foley sounds and sound design. The bundle consists of three different products from SOUND IDEAS: Destructibles Sound Effects, HD – Androids & Robots Sound Effects, and HD – Metallic Sounds.

Destructible Sound Effects

Destructible Destructibles Sound Effects includes more than 1,600 sound effects that batter, break and burst their way through concrete, metal, and wood; crashing cars and crushing debris. The source recording came from three building demolitions that have been recorded. It also includes earthquakes, avalanches, and explosive devices.

HD – Androids & Robots Sound Effects

HD – Androids & Robots includes 263 sound effects selected from Sound Ideas General HD 3 collection. You receive Bio Mechanical Creatures and Energy Flutters to Hi Tech Scan Movements – Cyborg Mutations to Mechanical Responses – Airy Servo Movements to Transformer Sequences.

  • Bio-Mechanical Bugs, Scorpions, Snakes & Worms
  • Metallic Titan Swishes
  • Scanning Movements & Mutations
  • Robot Reaction Sounds & Mechanical Responses

HD – Metallic Sounds

HD – Metallic Sounds include 304 specialty sound effects selected from Sound Ideas General HD 3 collection. You find Metallic Sliding, Dragging, Squeaking, Spilling, Rattling, Scratching, Creaking, Scraping, Tearing and Grinding.

  • Scraping Mechanical Clanks
  • Gritty Grinding Swipes
  • Jerky & Squeaking Metallic Slides
  • Massive Metal Door Foley
  • Pressurized Metallic Creaks

KEY FEATURES of the bundle

  • All products are in 44.1/48k Audio format.
  • HD royalty free sound effects.
  • 5GB+ disk space required.
  • Digitally recorded audio files in stereo at 24-bit / 96 kHz.
  • Broadcast wav files fully embedded with metadata.

For $99 (you save $594) Cinematic Sound Design Bundle by SOUND IDEAS is available for less than 14 days at a special bundle price here (Affiliate Link)

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