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Lemon Review – a Lush, Natural, Organic and Glowing Delay Plugin by Acustica Audio




Acustica Audios LEMON Delay

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Lemon by Acustica Audio Review

Acustica has developed through their propriety technology an unprecedented delay and tape emulation plugin. Lemon Dreamware Multitap Echo is different from the many available delay and tape plugins. Acustica went ahead and modeled for Lemon 40 hardware delay and tape machines into this delay plugin. This includes classical and as well more modern units, some of those vintage ones of which are hard to get or are in a bad condition these days.


After comprehensive testing of existing echo plug-ins, and comparing these to highly sought-after hardware units, we realized that there is a true need for a delay plug-in capable of preserving the integrity of the audio source and has flexible tone flavor. Music calls for an organic delay texture that blends seamlessly with the source,” said Nik Georgiev, Marketing Director, Acustica Audio. “The Lemon Dreamware Multitap Echo offers unprecedented sonic quality that will make your mixes better and mix a more joyful experience!

Acustica is serious about developing plugins modeled after vintage, modern and high-end boutique gear. Acustica has replicated some of many professional all-time preferred hardware, including many devices that are not available at all or very limited in the vast plugin market of emulations. They have one of the most extensive and unique collections of carefully modeled software. Acustica did send a review copy with no strings attached.


After purchase, you can download the plugin through the download manager from Acustica called Aquarius. The registration is also done through the same tool. Lemon supports OS X and Windows and comes in VST2, AAX, and AU format.



A standard ordinary delay plugin includes one delay unit. The approach from Acustica is different. With Lemon, you get 40 delay and tape units. This really means Acustica has modeled 40 different hardware delay machines into this plugin. We are not talking about 40 modified presets.

With Lemon, you receive three different plugins:

  • LEMON (Dreamer Multitap Delay – 6HE Rack)
  • LEMON STEREO (Dreamer Stereo Delay – 3HE Rack)
  • LEMON STEREO LITE (Lite Version des Dreamer Stereo Delay – 2HE Rack)
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The included delay presets are well selected and you should listen to several of the included presets as it guides you through the different shaped units. In the manual which is exceptionally well written you find more information about the different systems that have been used.

Composer and sound designer use delays in any shape or form and enhance different genres. The sound of Lemon is very smooth, and if delay and feedback are pulled back, the 40 units serve in Lemon as a preamp.

Lemon shines when your score needs a texture, pad or underscoring that blends in. Lemon works in all kind of scores also including classical and music to picture. The sound of the different models includes generates some harmonic distortions that alter the instrument or track in with charming tones.

User interface & Usability

After you get your head around the thinking behind the Interface Lemon is easy to use. The manual is a gem, you will have some fun reading it.

Rating:  Five out of five stars

Lemon performs very pure and is different from many other delays that are available in the market. There are 40 different delay/tape emulations included in Lemon which all come with great sonic character. Lemon is sitting in the mix really smooth and compared to many digital calculated delays Lemon sounds warm, natural, organic and vivid. With Lemon you can make your tracks to move around smoothly and get some little life injected.

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