Autumn Choirs by Sound Aesthetics Sampling Review

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Tuesday, 16 April 2019
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Autumn Choirs by Sound Aesthetics Sampling Review

Did you ever wonder how the beautiful sound of wind can be used in your next score or as a sound design element? In our review, we are taking a look at a library that does understand to take wind field recordings and take those captured sounds into very organic sounding instruments. Autumn Choirs is all about underscore, drones, and textures.

Sound Aesthetics Sampling did send a review copy with no strings attached.


I dig processed field recordings used for ambiance or as an instrument. One of my very first purchases was a field recording library several years back. Autumn Choirs is based on wind recorded in the field.

The sound of the progressed field recordings within Autumn Choirs is exceptional good. There are a few useful libraries in this space, most of the time they are priced at a different level like the great Haunted Spaces. The benefit for you as a composer when buying  Autumn Choirs is first the quality and the low price point.

The included sounds are grouped by harsh, smooth, pulsing, drones, pads, experimental, degraded and pluck sounds.

When you use the included sounds in a musical relation, you get some elements to be placed in the back maybe the lower end — if you use it as a sound bed or sound design, possibly processed with some external plugin in your DAW to create some fresh-sounding tracks.

User interface & Usability

Overall the UI meets the expectations that every library is measured against. I found the main page well designed and easy to use.

Autumn Choirs by Sound Aesthetics Sampling Main UI
Autumn Choirs by Sound Aesthetics Sampling

It is good that the development team (Lead: Paul Lebküchner) made it possible to change used sound within the loaded Kontakt patch. The included presets/patches do help tremendously to go through the included sounds.  More than 160 patches are included.  Erick McNerney and Paul Lebküchner are geniuses behind those great patches.

Autumn Choirs by Sound Aesthetics Sampling Patch

Rating:  Five out of five stars

AutumnChoirs includes Drones, Ambiences, and Textures procured from original field recordings of wind. The processed wind sounds are very usable fresh and great to use. With the quality and ridiculously low price point, you can not miss out on this tremendous sounding library.

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