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kHs Toolbox by KILOHEARTS Review

kHs Toolbox is a powerful FX bundle containing 26 plugins known as “snapins”. Each snapin can be used individually in your DAW, or combined as building blocks within a single modular interface called Snap Heap. KILOHEARTS did send a review copy with no strings attached.


After purchase, you download and install the Kilohearts Installer package. The setup is easy to use and follow. It detects and installs the snapins associated with your email automatically. My host of choice for production is Ableton live, however, I managed to successfully test these plugins with Harrison Mixbus as well (MAC).


I first encountered Kilohearts on the Propellerhead’s Rack extension shop back in 2017. At the time, I was looking to create my own “lo fi” rack for sample processing. I ran a trial of a few modules then, but Bitcrush and Pitchshifter were utilized the most in my Reason setup.

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Now that I can use Bitcrush in any DAW, it has proved to be more valuable. It sounds just as great in Ableton and Harrison Mixbus. The included “Snapin Heap” host, allows you to combine all of their snapins Into one modular FX chain. This makes creating the perfect “lofi” FX rack easy and recallable.

I experimented with Bitcrush, Pitchshifter, Delay, Reverb, and transient shaper in a recent harrison tutorial. It didn’t take me long to get a sound that I was happy with. I can see myself grabbing for this combination of snapins more than the hardware counterparts I possess.

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